Apple has finally become the first US company with a $1 trillion market cap!

Apple had a jump in its stock thanks to the Q3 reports showing a strong performance and increased revenue resulting in the $1,000,000,000,000 Market Cap. The reports were better than they projected in-house and better than expert analysts estimates, this has been followed by a strong forecast for the upcoming fourth quarter.

Apple hit the milestone value yesterday morning when it had a stock value of $207.05 per share, this gave it the push to the $1 trillion mark. It is a violent market though, as it fell back down from the one trillion mark and then went past it again, this is normal as the market likes to fluctuate.


It is normal then for Apple to go back below the trillion mark as it will go back up. It’s a great feat for the company, smashing their goals and being the first american company to reach that milestone. It has beat rivals Amazon and Alphabet to the mark, however, it probably won’t be long until Amazon catch up.

Apple is not actually the first company in the world to reach the trillion mark though, many reports were, wrongly, stating that they were the first. The first company to reach the trillion mark was PetroChina in 2007, it wasn’t for very long but it still crossed the trillion mark.

The milestone doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it is an impressive one at that.  

Apple has been on top of the market cap for years, it may as well celebrate the moment, it may not last forever.

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