Trade-in Guide

Don’t lose your old data! Your phone is home to a huge amount of personal information, such as application data, contacts, and of course photos and videos.

The easiest way to make sure that everything is backed up is to transfer your data to your new phone!

Click this guide to learn how to transfer your data to your new device:

How To: Transfer Your Data to your New Phone

Choose the guide that fits your phone model.

How to: Factory Reset your Apple iPhone
How to: Factory Reset your Samsung Phone
How To: Factory Reset (other Android Phone)
How to: Factory Reset Your Huawei Phone


  • Remove your SIM card(s).
  • Remove any MicroSD (memory) cards.
  • Remove any cases, covers, or other attachments.

If we receive any of these, they will be disposed of.


Charge your device to around 50% for safe transit. Then, switch it off.

If you are sending us a smartphone or tablet, you do not need to send your charger.


  • You may NOT pack more than two devices in a single parcel.
  • Ensure your parcel is tightly sealed.
  • Ensure your parcel does not rattle when shaken.

Providing your own packaging? Take a look at this guide for some handy tips on getting your phone to us safe and sound:

How To: Securely Package Your Phone for Trade-In