How To: Securely Package Your Phone for Trade-In

We often get asked by customers, “How should I package my item when I sell my phone?”

The Big Phone Store offers two options when you trade in: we call them Fast, and Easy.

1. Fast

If you’re ready to send your device for cash RIGHT NOW, then you can package your phone yourself. Keep reading below to find out how!

2. Easy

Not sure about packaging your phone yourself? Order a trade-in pack when you check out, and we’ll provide an industry-standard secure box. This option does take longer, as you’ll need to wait for us to deliver the packaging to you.

Which option should I choose?

At The Big Phone Store we’re strong believers in the circular economy. That’s reduction, re-use and recycling. And we really do encourage you to try to send your old device without the need for creating more waste packaging.

Allowing our customers to package their own devices doesn’t just save time, it helps us keep our costs low so we can continue offering the best trade-in value for your phone!

How should I package my device?

What containers/boxes to use

We understand that you’ll almost definitely have to use something plastic to send your device to us however, be creative and send your packages to us in absolutely anything that you can find around the house!

We’ve had phones sent to us in all sorts of containers in the past, if you’re struggling for inspiration just look at the list below and see if you have any lying around:

  • Pizza boxes
  • The box the phone originally came in
  • Ice cream container
  • Boxes from previous deliveries
  • Laundry detergent containers
  • Cereal boxes
  • Shoe box
  • Biscuit tins
  • Layers of plastic shopping bags
  • Celebrations boxes

Trading in multiple items? You must package no more than two devices in the same parcel.

How to make sure your device is protected while in transit

Please make sure that your phone is packed tightly and securely so that it won’t get harmed while in transit, we want your phone to get to us safely as much as you do and we cannot take any responsibility for what happens to it while it’s on its way here. To pack your parcel the best way, we recommend using recycled bubble wrap from previous orders. When we receive any protective packaging that can be reused, we’ll pass it over to our dispatch department to reuse it yet again when we send our orders out. If you can hear your phone rattling in your box before you send it – it’s not secure enough and is at risk of being damaged.

So, your device is securely packed. What now?

Refer back to your confirmation email to find out how to send your package. You may need to attach a shipping label, or take it to a post office and scan the QR code that we have provided.