How should you package your item?

We often get asked by customers how they should package their items when sending it in. Should you use a box? Bubble wrap the device? Will we send packaging for you to use?

To make sure that you’re well aware of what to do when you want to sell your phone, we’ve compiled an extensive guide on how you can/should package your device when sending it into us.

Other recyclers send packaging – why don’t you?

At The Big Phone Store we believe in encouraging and promoting a circular economy. This means that we want as many items as possible to have numerous uses, regardless of whether it means being reused, remade or recycled. As you may have guessed, plastic packaging has no place in a circular economy. We’re unable to reuse plastic packaging efficiently due to any rips & tears it may have suffered either in transit or whilst in the hands of our trade-in team while they try to process your order as fast as possible. It also can’t be recycled efficiently and will often find itself in a landfill, contributing to the 381 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly.

Our competitors may think it’s okay to add plastic waste into the equation while maintaining a guise of being an environmentally company that helps the planet but we definitely do not. We promise our customers without any if’s or but’s that we are not only the best at keeping plastic waste to an absolute minimum, we pay the most too!

So, how should I send them instead?

What containers/boxes to use

We understand that you’ll almost definitely have to use something plastic to send your device to us however, be creative and send your packages to us in absolutely anything that you can find around the house! If you’re especially proud of what you managed to use as packaging, be sure to post it onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us in it for a chance at winning a free power bank or wireless charger!

We’ve had phones sent to us in all sorts of containers in the past, if you’re struggling for inspiration just look at the list below and see if you have any lying around:

  • Pizza boxes
  • The box the phone originally came in
  • Ice cream container
  • Boxes from previous deliveries
  • Laundry detergent containers
  • Cereal boxes
  • Shoe box
  • Biscuit tins
  • Layers of plastic shopping bags
  • Celebrations boxes

If there are any that you find lying around you think may fit the bill, send them to us. We’ll be sharing all unique packages across all of our social media so keep an eye to see if yours gets included. You can also leave a comment down below and let us know if you have any suggestions.

How to make sure your device is protected while in transit

Please make sure that your phone is packed tightly and securely so that it won’t get harmed while in transit, we want your phone to get to us safely as much as you do and we cannot take any responsibility for what happens to it while it’s on its way here. To pack your parcel the best way, we recommend using recycled bubble wrap from previous orders. When we receive any protective packaging that can be reused, we’ll pass it over to our dispatch department to reuse it yet again when we send our orders out. If you can hear your phone rattling in your box before you send it – it’s not secure enough and is at risk of being damaged.