You have received my device, why haven’t I been paid?

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Though our competitors offer ‘same day’ payment, what this means is they will begin the payment process the same day, but it may not appear in your bank account for a further few days.

We uphold a dedication to our customers that we offer payment for your device the same day we receive it. However, there are a number of reasons why we may not be able to process your payment that same day. We have compromised this list below to help you send your device to us in the right condition, and/or offer some guidance if you haven’t received your payment the same day.

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Incorrect condition (most common reason)

If we receive a device sent to us in ‘good’ condition but after our assessment it is only graded by us as ‘fair’ we must then revise our price and then send you this revised price. We cannot process your device until this revised price is agreed by you. As a result, if you do not accept our revised price quickly, the payment is delayed.

Other ‘incorrect conditions‘ can include a phone labelled as ‘unlocked’, however when we receive it is actually locked. This also means we must revise the price and it must be agreed by you via email.
All updates/revised prices will be sent to you via email and must be agreed, therefore we advise you keep an eye on your emails just incase.


Broken Device/Device discovered as broken

Phones sent in as broken will have issues we must fix. However, if we find more problematic faults, we must then send the device to another department to be assessed further for fixing. This is the same for devices not sent in as broken but we discover it to be. If your device is not labelled as broken, but we find sufficient issues to label the phone as broken, we must again send the device to be assessed in another department.
In these circumstances we will email you with this update, and a revised price which you will need to confirm for us to process the payment.
In cases such as this, we must allow up to 7 working days for these phones and payment to be processed.

Failure to agree to the revised price may delay payments further. However, if you do not wish to accept the revised price, we will happily send your device back to you for free!


Incorrect payment details

Sometimes the bank/paypal/other payment details are incorrect and we must contact you for the correct details in order to process your payment. In this case we will email you for clarification but as a result may delay your payment.


Accounts left on the device

Sometimes a device is sent to us that still has accounts on. We cannot process these devices until the accounts are taken off of the device.
In cases such as this we will email you to notify you and can not process the device or the payment until the accounts are gone which can only be done by whomever owned the phone prior to sending it in.


Blacklisted devices

Blacklisted devices are devices that have been reported as lost or stolen. We operate our recycling / Trade-in service in conjunction with the Home Office guidelines to reduce theft. If a device is blacklisted, we cannot return the device to you or pay you for it. See the link below for further information. Please also refer to our terms and conditions. We can only return the device if you can remove the blacklisting – to do this you would need to speak to the mobile network on which the phone was purchased from. This needs to be done within 28 days, after which the phone will be disposed of in accordance with the guidelines.


Low battery

It may sound silly but in order for us to conduct all of our assessments a device must have at least 85% battery. If the phone does not have sufficient battery, we may have to charge it and this of course takes some time. As a result, it may delay how quickly we can complete our assessments and therefore delays the payment.

To avoid this we recommend charging the device to 100% switching it off and sending it to us immediately.

This does not apply to new devices.


Software updates

Some devices may need a software update, which we must complete before assessing the device. This can take some time (especially for devices such as smart watches) and can delay our process and therefore your payment.
Some devices may auto-update once we turn them on, in which case we must wait which may delay further.

In these cases we will email you to notify you.

This does not apply to new devices.


Device outside of UK/EU specification

Though we do accept devices outside of UK or EU specification, these devices are often bought at a lower price. Therefore, if a device is sent in to us not labelled as outside of UK/EU specification and we discover it to be, we will contact you with our revised price. As mentioned above, we can only continue processing your device if you accept our offer, and therefore delays to confirm may result in delayed payments.
If you do not wish to accept our revised price we will happily send your device back to you for free.


If we have any issues, we will contact you

If we have any issues at all with the processing of your device and suspect delayed payment, we WILL contact you.

This includes unexpected issues/updates and revised pricing if your device does not match the specified condition it was sent in as. So please keep an eye on your emails to avoid further delay.

Ensure you check your junk and spam folder then mark any emails from us as safe as to not miss any important updates.

All orders are subject to our full terms and conditions, which can be found here:

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