5 Million Views – our TikTok Milestone

The Big Phone Store has found an audience of millions online with its hit TikTok comedy series, “Shakespeare Kid”. Since launching last year, this low-budget campaign has now achieved a major milestone: surpassing 5 million views on the popular social media platform.

At time of writing, the view count across all 16 Shakespeare Kid videos is 5,020,838. The TikTok account has over 7,195,300 views and almost a million likes, and is followed by over 72,000 people.

Not just a gimmick – the TikTok series has been part of a clear success story for The Big Phone Store. Since the first video was published, the company’s website has more than tripled its daily visitors, and The Big Phone Store is now well on its way to becoming one of the largest refurbished phone shops in the UK.

The “Shakespeare Kid” is Ben Steele, a social media marketer who plays a diverse cast of well-spoken characters. The first video of the series has over 2 million views, and features Ben playing both a mother and small child – locked in an intense battle of wits as they argue over whether or not he’s getting an iPad. When asked for the secret to his success, Ben had this to say: “The boss really does just let me do what I want with these videos, and that’s a big part of it. I can try new ideas out every single week, and see right in front of me what people are connecting with.”

The Big Phone Store’s Managing Director, Steven Athwal, could be the series’ biggest fan. “I love it. I didn’t really know what to think when Ben first showed up to work with a box of fancy-dress outfits, but this project has surprised us in every way. It’s really put The Big Phone Store on the map online, and the videos are just hilarious. People keep messaging to ask when the next one is coming out!”

But how much does it cost to launch a marketing campaign like this one? “Nothing at all,” laughs Steele. “I haven’t hired any extra actors, I don’t need to find locations, and I already had the costumes lying around the house. All the filming, editing, and promotion can be done from my iPhone!”

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