At The Big Phone Store, we happily buy your old electronics, so we can refurbish it and sell it on to get a second, third or even a fourth life.


When purchasing your old phones we have certain criteria we look for in order to evaluate pricing. We inspect these phones, their internal and external conditions and match them against our criteria which we have labelled:

  • ‘Brand New’
  • ‘Good’
  • ‘Poor’

As a result, the prices we offer for these phones are a flat rate and we happily pay the full amount if your old device matches the criteria. A list of the criteria is linked below

This slightly changes when we buy back your broken phones. As we have no way of guaranteeing what issues may come with a broken phone, we offer an ‘up to’ price. For example, for an Apple iPhone XS, in a ‘good’ condition with 64gb, unlocked to any network we will pay you £300.25. But for the same device, unlocked to any network, 64gb in a broken condition, we will pay ‘up to’ £178.60.


Explaining ‘up to’ pricing

We cannot predict the issues to be found in a broken phone and therefore we do not offer a flat price. Instead we offer an ‘up to’ amount. The ‘up to’ amount is based on several factors, such as labor costs, marketing, postage, etc. ‘Up to’ amounts also consider the amount of faults we could potentially find in a phone, and some issues cost more than others.

For example we could accept two Samsung S7 Edge in a broken condition and discover one needs a new back cover (cheap to replace) and the other needs a brand new LCD (expensive to repair). Or simply, one phone has one fault and the other phone has two. This is then reflected in the ‘up to’ price and we would most likely buy both but pay a bit more for the one in need of a new back cover (or single faulted device) as it is significantly cheaper to repair.

When we buy a broken phone we consider the price around:

Before being sold/repaired 

  • Marketing costs
  • Postage before it gets into the building
  • #Number of faults (more faults = generally more expensive)
  • Labour costs
  • Software used to test


Being Repaired and Sold
  • Cost of part(s)
  • Labour (board level repairs are complicated and the best skilled engineers can repair 2-3 per days to a standard suitable for resale)
  • Postage
  • Further marketing fees
  • Payment gateway fees

Because of all these factors we offer an ‘up to’ price to help represent a guideline price. While a ‘brand new’ or ‘good’ condition phone can have less issues, a broken phone can have one issue or tens of issues; which is why we do not offer a flat a price. We must first assess the phone and value how expensive it will be for us to fix and then offer you our final price.

We do not accept phones that:
  • Have had previous repair attempts. We do not know what issues a previous repair may have caused and therefore do not accept them. However, we do consider phones that have been quoted repairs, but have not been attempted.
  • Phones with extensive liquid damage. If you have dropped your phone in liquid and fear severe damage DO NOT turn on the device. Instead leave it turned off and seek repair help immediately for the best chance of device recovery. A liquid damaged phone is essentially destroyed (especially once being switched on).
  • ‘BER’ devices. BER stands for Beyond Economical Repair. This means we will not buy a device that will cost us more to repair than what we can sell on for once repaired

However, we do buy most of the devices brought in to us, in fact we buy 95% of

 the broken phones that are bought in to us for refurbishment.

If we do not purchase your broken phone due to ‘BER’ status, we will consider buying your phones for its cosmetic features (to reuse exterior parts such as the screen) or buying it for the parts, where we use the internal parts for other refurbished devices. This depends entirely on make and model of that individual phone and can not be guaranteed.

Here at The Big Phone store we see value in refurbishment and as a result pay more than any other repairer for your old devices. This is because our management have over 30 years of experience in repairing and we see the value in everything.

Additionally, if you send your phone to us and you’re not happy with our offer, we will send the device back to you free of charge.

The Big Phone Store.