Do you think your child’s smartphone is impacting their intelligence?

Do you think your child’s smartphone is impacting their intelligence?  If you answered yes, then you’re not alone!  In 2020 it is rare to see someone without a phone. According to National Statistics , approximately 95% of households in the UK own a mobile phone, 78% of which are smartphones*. Therefore, as so many of…

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What Are The Best Phones and Tablets To Play Fortnite in 2020?

Fortnite is now playable on iPhones and Android phones After months of waiting, Fortnite has now finally come to mobile. We answer the question; which budget phone to play Fortnite is best? You can now play it on Android phones, iPhones and even iPads. It was originally only iPhones and iPads that could play and…

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Will the eSIM become mainstream?

The iPhone XS features an eSIM, will this push it into the mainstream category? Apple recently launched the new range of iPhones for 2018, it is a significant time for the mobile industry. While many Android manufacturers have a massive competition with pricing and features, Apple has a great retention rate. It gives mobile operators…

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