5 awesome ways to stop your phone battery from draining! (Android)

Does your phone struggle to last a full day’s usage? Read our tips on how to stop your phone battery from draining

If your Android device is draining its battery quickly or you just want to prolong your battery life, read our quick and simple guide on how to stop your phone battery from draining.

Smartphone batteries have progressed massively in recent years, increasing the size and power that they can emit. However, many phones still struggle to last a full day’s usage, especially with how much we use our phone nowadays. Android phones are quite guilty of not lasting as long as they probably should, maybe this is down to the OS system, or down to how well manufacturers work their own ‘skin’ over this OS.

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There are simple yet effective ways to prolong your Android device’s battery life, without having to get a new battery installed or having to buy a phone with a removable battery (the good old days). The methods down below are very simple and should be publicised a lot more for having a great effect on maintaining a good/long battery life on your Android phone.

Down below, are our short and simple steps to making your battery life last and to stop your phone battery from draining.

Screen brightness 
How to stop your phone battery from draining brightness

The main but simple way of prolonging battery life is to switch off auto brightness. This is one of the most common battery killers, this is because leaving it on auto makes the light change and adapt to the lighting around you. This is only really needed when you’re outdoors and the sunlight is affecting how readable your screen is. If you’re not outside and can read your screen clearly, turn off auto brightness and set it to a bit lower than usual. This will reap its rewards as you will soon see that your battery life will last longer than before.

Use power saving mode
How to stop your phone battery from draining power saving

Power saving mode is a great tool on Android devices! Its main function is to stop apps running in the background when they’re not in use and this will save a lot of battery life. Power saving mode also tones down the colours on your screen and turns down your brightness so that only necessary power is being used on your phone. Activate it in your quick settings pull-down menu. You can also use max power (or U Power) saving if you really want to save battery, this will make your screen greyscale and remove a lot of functionality of your device though.

Close apps that you are not using 
How to stop your phone battery from draining close apps

All those running apps affect your battery life massively, stopping apps running in the background will save that precious juice by stopping them refreshing and using your cache. Apps like Facebook like to auto refresh in the background so that when you go back into the app, the latest news will be ready for you, if you don’t mind having to refresh and having to wait for a second, turn it off and stop the drain! Check your open apps by using the recent apps button (right of your home button or left on Samsung). You can also go to Settings>Apps or Applications>cick on running menu and then force stop the apps. Try to limit yourself to having two or three apps in the background rather than ten, you will see the difference!

How to stop your phone battery from draining wallpaper

This one is not entirely obvious to the casual user, your wallpaper can, in fact, drain your battery life! If your wallpaper is set to have a ‘motion effect’ on it (moves when you tilt your device) it will use your phone’s gyroscope, this does drain a lot of battery as it is always on. When setting a wallpaper, make sure that it is not animated and do not allow it to have ‘motion effect,’ this will save your battery and stop it from draining.

Download an App 

How to stop your phone battery from draining apps

Check out our post on  Battery Saving Apps.  They can give you massive insights into why your battery life is draining and give you tips/tasks to do to help resolve the issues you have been having! It will also help you manage apps that are potentially making a massive difference to your battery and it will give you the reason why it is too! Give one of the ones off the post linked above and see if it makes a difference.

let us know in the comments if we helped!

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