Should you buy an iPhone 11 in 2024? Our simple review.

Iphone 11 review

The iPhone 11 is the cheapest iPhone this reviewer would choose in 2024

The release of the iPhone 11 marked several changes in terms of how iPhones are made. Many of the design choices that went into the iPhone 11 remain with the device to this day.

Even in 2024, the iPhone 11 remains a high-quality device thanks to its very capable processor, durable design, and 12MP camera. Its A13 Bionic chip even features 8 neural processing cores, making it one of the oldest phones to have some level of AI processing capability.

Unique features

The most noticable upgrade for the iPhone 11 over the iPhone XR is its 12MP camera. The iPhone 11 features a much larger camera system, with larger sensors, larger lenses, and dedicated image processor. It even sticks out from the main body of the device, a choice that Apple have stuck with ever since.

Design and Build

As well as introducing the raised-up square camera housing that we’re now familiar with, the iPhone 11 was the last iPhone to feature rounded, pebble-like edges on its aluminium frame. Personally, this design choice is a huge win for me. The sharper, squared-off edges of more recent iPhones have never felt right in my hand.

The iPhone 11 keeps the notch display of iPhones before and since, and it has the iPhone’s signature glassy finish on both the front and back of the device.

In 2024, the iPhone 11 can be bought for just a quarter of its original price.

The only thing more impressive than that is that the iPhone 11 Pro can be bought for less than a fifth of its original price!

For the most affordable option, make sure you opt for the 128GB version for a good balance of storage space and affordability.

ModelPriceOur Price*
iPhone 11£729£179 (Good Condition)
iPhone 11 Pro£1,049£199 (Good Condition)
*prices checked March 2024, available only while refurbished stock lasts
Did you know?
Unlike many Android phones, iPhones don’t come with expandable storage – which means there is no option to add storage with a microSD card.
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Is 128GB enough storage for you?

For most users in 2024, we think 128GB is absolutely enough.

Once you take away the storage space you need to cover the bare minimum functions, you’re left with a comfortable 100GB. That’s enough for up to 30 hours of Full HD video, up to 22,000 photos, or 5 huge mobile games (we’re looking at you, Genshin Impact).

If you have a love for taking 4K videos with your iPhone, then you’ll only squeeze a few hours of footage onto your phone before needing to delete something, but serious camera lovers should consider a higher-spec iPhone anyway. Also, Apple offers affordable cloud storage options with iCloud+!

2.65 GHz

(max. CPU Speed)


(aka Memory)

The iPhone 11 features the A13 Bionic processor. This chipset was a leap ahead in terms of processing power from previous iPhones, and is remarkably able to keep up with more modern processors. In everyday use, this chip offers smooth scrolling, great video playback, and more.

It has the same 4GB of RAM that can be found in the iPhone 12, and a maximum clock speed of 2.65GHz. It also features no less than 8 ‘Neural Engine’ Cores that enable limited A.I. processing on the device, which boosts all of the iPhone 11’s features, from photography to noise cancellation.

Finally, the iPhone 11 was launched with iOS 13. Assuming 6 years of updates, the iPhone 11 could lose support for security updates as soon as 2026. The good news is that longer periods of device support are becoming more standard these days, with competitors offering 7+ years of updates, and the iPhone 11 may recieve extended support… however, this isn’t something you can depend on.

If you only need this phone to last you for a year or two, I’d still wholeheartedly recommend it.

The iPhone 11 is compatible with both wireless charging (using any Qi-standard wireless charging pad) and fast charging when paired with a compatible fast-charging iPhone charger.

The iPhone 11’s battery is advertised to provide up to 17 hours of video playback (or 10 hours streamed) when paired with a brand-new battery. How much battery life you can get out of your device will depend on how much battery health remains.

When buying a refurbished iPhone, be aware that cheaper grades may feature less battery capacity than higher grades.

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Phone batteries can degrade as you use them, depending on a huge number of factors such as your charging habits and how you take care of your device. You can protect your phone battery by enabling the smart battery optimizations and optimized charging on your iPhone.

When you’re buying a refurbished phone, battery health can vary depending on the grade of the phone. At The Big Phone Store, our refurbished iPhones have a MINIMUM of 80% battery health – and if you’re not satisfied with that, we even offer battery replacements on all our refurbished iPhone models!

To read more about battery health, click here.

The iPhone 11 features a significant camera upgrade compared to the iPhone XR. It has a much larger camera housing, which enables larger camera sensors, larger lenses, and better dedicated image processing.

All three cameras found on the iPhone 11 are 12MP in resolution, including a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a TrueDepth selfie camera.

Where the iPhone 11 lags behind the iPhone 12 is mostly in its visual processing. The processor on the iPhone 12 includes twice the number of neural cores, which among other things lead to improved photos on the iPhone 12.

iPhone 11 Camera Specs
Main Lens: f/1.8, 12MP
Ultrawide Lens (120° F.o.V.): f/2.4, 12MP
Selfie (TrueDepth): 12MP

The iPhone 11 was the last of Apple’s mainstream iPhones to feature the Liquid Retina HD LCD display. This is probably the weakest feature of this iPhone. For one thing, the contrast of the display is not as excellent as the Super XDR displays of more recent iPhones. For another, the iPhone 11 does not feature a full-HD display, and instead provides a display width of only 828 pixels (compared to 1080 pixels in a FullHD display).

Don’t get me wrong, the display is still high-quality, and Liquid Retina displays have remained in use in Apple’s MacBook laptops. However, if you want a fully premium smartphone display, the iPhone 11 is not for you.

Steve's headshot
Steven Athwal
Sustainability Expert

When it comes to the environment, buying an iPhone 11 in 2024 is completely guilt-free. Apple doesn’t even sell the iPhone 11 as a ‘refurbished’ model anymore, so you can be certain that you’re not creating any demand at all for an original Apple product to have been manufactured.

– Steve

You should buy the iPhone 11 if…

You should buy the iPhone 11 in 2024 if you’re looking for an incredibly cheap deal on a flagship iPhone.

You should avoid this phone if…

If you want a phone that you know will last you for as long as possible, then the iPhone 11 might not be the best choice for you. The iPhone 11 may lose out on security updates as soon as 2026.