What Phone Do I Have? – Find Out Now

Find your phone's model information

Step 1: Find your phone’s Operating System

Before finding out the specific model of your device, you need to know who produced it.

You can find the model of your phone in the settings menu. Different operating systems will a different layout in the settings menu.

Most smartphones run on a version of Google’s Android operating system, with the exception of iPhones, which run on iOS.

Step 2 (iPhone): Find which model iPhone you have

1. Open your iPhone’s settings app.

2. Tap ‘General’ or search for ‘About’

3. Tap ‘About’

4. You should see your iPhone’s model name and model number listed right in front of you!

Step 2 (Android): Find which model Android phone you have

Android phone settings vary in their layout. The following instructions will work for most Android phones.

1. Open your settings app from the home screen, app list, or notification tray

2. Type ‘about’ into the search bar. This can usually be found at the top of your settings menu screen.

3. Tap ‘About phone’ or ‘About device’

4. Find the model name and model number

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