People across the country are receiving their iPhone X today. If you have received yours, just don’t drop it!

The iPhone X costs an eye-watering £999 for the cheapest model, but you have to buy a fast charging plug and wire separately, so the cost of your device and it’s accessories add up.

If you’re thinking of leaving the iPhone ‘naked’ without a case to show off its gorgeous design, you should reconsider. The prices for the iPhone X repair are very high, and an iPhone 8 plus screen repair with Apple costs around £170 but the iPhone X’s screen repair costs £286.44 in the UK.

The iPhone X screen is a different type than the iPhone 8 Plus’s display (iPhone 8 has LCD), so naturally, it would be more expensive, it is still a high price to pay for the consumer.

For the price of the repairs, you should invest in AppleCare+, or you should get a suitable case/screen protector and protect your device.

Look below for a couple of images of damaged iPhone X’s:

iPhone X with smashed corner
Credit: The Sun
iPhone X back shattered
Credit: @txcdx
iPhone X back crack
Credit: The Sun

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