Best Smartwatch 2018

Best smart watches 2018
Looking for the best smartwatch you can buy right now? Check out our picks for the best smartwatch 2018

Smartwatches are beautiful pieces of tech which are often underrated, many of the newer devices are as good as we could have hoped for. Within the next few years, we predict that the smartwatch industry will pick up again. Finding the best smartwatch 2018 was not easy but it could have been a lot harder! The big players have still produced brilliant products which are a step above the rest.

Let’s just dive into our three picks for the best smartwatch 2018.

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Apple Watch 3

Best smartwatch 2018 - apple watch 3

The Apple Watch is known for being the best smartwatch money can buy at this very stage anyway, this time the new series 3 feature LTE and a lot more refined features. People do compare it to the 2nd series as it is near enough the same, however, the changes that have been made make it stand out completely. The Apple Watch 3 is water-resistant so you can use it while you are swimming or out in the rain, perfect for doing exercise and fitness regimes. The battery life has been improved to 18 hours which is fantastic, the non-LTE version does last longer though. What makes the Apple Watch the best is just how lightning fast it is and how well the OS system is on the device, the main issue really is it does not play as nice with Android as you would like. It is made for an Apple device so it is better with an Apple device.

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Samsung Gear S3

Best smartwatch 2018 - samsung gear s3

Samsung took notes from its Gear S2 Classic and put this into the designs of the Gear S3. The Samsung Gear S3 is a gorgeous looking device packed full of features. The Gear S3 features a rotating bezel making it a lot more intuitive than many of its rivals, it makes accessing the device smooth and easier to use. Samsungs well-known AMOLED technology is also present on the device, making colours look punchy and pretty. The battery duration is also one of the best on the market lasting a full 3 days, this is brilliantly seen as it features GPS as well. IP68 is also present making it risk-free to use while in the rain! The only downside is that it does not run Android Wear but runs Tizen, while it is better in some cases, there are not nearly enough apps made for it just yet! This is the best alternative to an Apple Watch.

Huawei Watch 2

Best smartwatch 2018 - huawei watch 2


Huawei Watch 2 is a massive improvement over Huawei’s first-generation devices, they may have nailed it with this one! The Huawei Watch 2 features a double-chrome design which really makes the device catch the eye, it is one of (if not) the best-looking smartwatches on the market. That’s not all, the Huawei Watch 2 features 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS making it fully usable without a smartphone present! There is a lot of built-in goodies which make the device brilliant at fitness tracking, especially apps. The only real let downs are the plastic straps that make it feel cheap and the OS is a bit unstable at times but nothing major.  This is the best Android Wear device you can buy.

There are some cheaper alternatives for you fitness fanatics:

Moto 360 sport

Best smartwatch 2018 - moto 360 sport

The 360 sport has a sophisticated styling and sleek design is really nice, all the while having the modern day functionality of a top of the range smartwatch. You can track your workouts like never before with the Moto 360 sport, the simple and easy to use smartwatch that gives you all the information you’ll need, quickly and consciously right there on your wrist. The Heart Rate sensor makes it perfect for tracking workouts and keeping an eye on your health.  It is also IP67 rated, making it water resistant so you can take it with you on bad weather runs! Brilliant design matches with great features all for under £100!

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Fitbit Charge HR

Best smartwatch 2018 - fitbit charge hr

The Fitbit Charge HR is a perfect companion to an active person! Whether you’re working out or resting, this wristband accurately measures your heart rate with LED sensors that detect blood flow in your wrist. MobileRun provides real-time distance, time and pace stats on the display. Sync with your phone to review routes, split times and workout summaries. You can also monitor how long and how well you sleep with sleep tracking! Don’t worry about not being able to see it in the dark, The backlit digital LED display offers a clear view no matter the lighting.

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They are our picks for the best smartwatch 2018. We look forward to better smartwatches coming later this year!

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