How to stop your phone overheating! (2024 Update)

How to stop your phone getting too hot!

Quick Guide: How do you stop your phone getting too hot?


  • Turn it off (if you can)
  • Turn on battery saver
  • Keep it out of the sun


  • Never put it in the fridge
  • Never cover it up while on / charging
  • Never use it / charge it while hot

Summer has hit the UK hard this week, with yellow heat warnings across much of England. And it’s not just poor tech writers like me who need to be kept cool… you might also have noticed your phone beginning to struggle with the heat.

If you find your phone overheating, it can lead to performance issues, battery drain, and potentially even permanent damage to your device. But fear not! My name’s Andrew, I’m the head writer here at The Big Phone Store, and I’m here to give your my top tips to deal with an overheating phone.

Why do phones overheat?

Let’s start with understanding why phones overheat in the first place. The various electronic components inside your phone, including your processor, camera, and battery, generate heat as they work.

Your phone is most likely to overheat when the processor is working at its hardest, for instance running a demanding app or game or having many apps open at once. Filming videos and video calling are also examples of processor-intensive tasks that can generate huge amounts of heat. Your phone can also generate heat from charging (especially fast charging), so continuing to use it while plugged in can make things too hot to handle.

Why is your phone overheating more easily in the summer?

Air temperature plays a huge role in how hot your phone gets. the heat generated by your phone is usually dissipated into the surrounding air, but when the air around your phone is already hot, there’s nowhere for that extra heat to go.

One factor that can add to this heat is sunlight hitting the phone’s screen. Most smartphone screens are a deep black, which means they absorb rather than reflect most of the sunlight that hits them. This can significantly increase the temperature of your device, especially on bright summer days.

Which Apps are Most Likely to Cause Overheating?

As I’ve already mentioned, certain apps are more likely to cause overheating because they require more processing power and energy from your phone. Here are a few categories of apps that might contribute to your phone getting hot:

1. Navigation Apps

Navigation apps like Google Maps can cause your phone to overheat, especially if you’re using them for extended periods while charging your phone in the car. These apps use your phone’s GPS, which can be a significant drain on your phone’s resources.

2. Streaming Apps

Apps that stream video content, like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, can also cause your phone to overheat. This is because streaming and playing video content requires a lot of energy, which generates heat. To help manage this, consider lowering the video quality or downloading content to watch offline later when your phone isn’t as hot.

3. Video Conferencing Apps

In today’s world, many of us are using video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet more than ever before. These apps can make your phone work hard, especially if you’re sharing your screen or using high-definition video.

4. Social Media Apps

While less intensive than games or streaming apps, social media apps can still contribute to overheating. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat often run in the background and send frequent notifications, which can cause your phone to heat up over time. TikTok is a big offender for being a power-hungry app!

5. Mobile games

High-end games often require a lot of processing power to run smoothly. This is especially true for games with advanced graphics or multiplayer capabilities – especially now that the latest phones can even run triple-A games like Assassins’ Creed! Other popular examples might include “Fortnite,” “PUBG,” or “Call of Duty Mobile.” If you notice your phone heating up while playing these or similar games, consider limiting your playtime or taking breaks to let your phone cool down.

Remember, if you’re using these or other intensive apps and notice your phone is getting hot, it might be time to take a break and let your phone cool down. Alternatively, consider using lighter versions of these apps if available, or adjusting your settings to limit their impact on your phone’s temperature.

How can I tell if my phone is overheating?

Touch it! Your phone should never feel warm to the touch. It might sound obvious, but if you notice any heat coming off your phone, you should take action now. High temperatures can cause serious damage to your phone’s battery over time, so the sooner you can cool down your phone, the better.

Other common signs that your phone might be overheating include: slow performance or stuttering, changes in touchscreen responsiveness, a sudden drop in battery life, warning messages appearing on the screen, or the phone shutting down without warning. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to take action!

How can I prevent my phone from overheating?

Infographic listing 5 fixes for a hot phone: 1. Find shade. 2. Activate battery saver. 3. Lower screen brightness. 4. Remove the case. 5. Switch it off!
What do you do if your phone is overheating?

1. Keep it out of the sun

The sun’s rays can quickly heat up your phone, especially if it’s in a case. This is particularly true because of the large black screen, which traps sunlight and converts it into heat. Keep your device in the shade or in a cool place when you’re not using it.

2. Close unnecessary apps / Use battery saving mode

The more apps you have running, the harder your phone has to work, which means more heat. Close any apps you’re not using to lighten the load on your phone. Most phones have a battery-saving mode that reduces the strain on your device by limiting some functions, including preventing apps from running in the background.

3. Reduce screen brightness

A bright screen requires more energy, which can generate more heat. Turning down your screen brightness can help keep your phone cool.

4. Remove your phone case

While a case can protect your phone from damage, it can also trap heat. Removing the case can help your phone cool down more quickly.

5. Turn it off!

Yes, I know – the thought of being without your mobile is almost unbearable! But if you can afford to go without it for a short time, switching your device off and putting it away (out of the sun) is the best way to stop it from heating itself up any further.

What should I do if my phone keeps overheating?

If your phone is already overheating, turn it off and let it cool down. You could also remove the case, if you have one, and place the phone on a cool surface. Try not to use it until it has cooled down. If your phone regularly overheats, it might be worth taking it to a professional to check if there’s a hardware issue. Here at The Big Phone Store, we offer a fantastic repair service!

Remember, while it’s important to keep your phone cool, it’s even more important to keep yourself cool. Stay hydrated, find shade, and make the most of the summer weather – safely!

What NOT to Do When Your Phone Overheats

Just as important as knowing what to do when your phone overheats is knowing what not to do. Certain actions can potentially harm your device or even make the situation worse. Here are a few things you should avoid:

1. Don’t ignore it!

The first rule of an overheating phone is not to ignore the problem. Overheating can cause serious damage to your device’s internals, and in extreme cases your device’s battery could catch fire! If your phone is regularly overheating, it’s a signal that something isn’t right. Don’t just shrug it off and hope it will go away.

2. NEVER put it in the fridge or freezer!

While it may be tempting to put your hot phone into a cold fridge or freezer, this can be a VERY bad idea. We’ve all seen water beading up on the outside of a cold drinks can, haven’t we? It’s the same with your phone – the rapid change in temperature can cause condensation to form INSIDE your device – leading to water damage. Not only will this most likely void your warranty, it will only make the overheating problem much, much worse. At worst, you could be damaging your battery – meaning that instead of your phone cooling down, it could burst into flames!

3. Don’t charge it while it’s hot

Charging creates additional heat. If your phone is already overheating, charging it can exacerbate the problem. Wait until your phone has cooled down before plugging it in.

4. Don’t cover it up

If your phone is hot, make sure it’s not covered by anything. Blankets, cushions, or even being inside a pocket or bag can insulate the device and prevent heat from escaping. Give your phone some air to help it cool down.

So, the next time you plan for a day in the sun, spare a thought for your electronic companion. With a few simple precautions, you can help ensure that your phone stays as cool as a cucumber, even in the hottest of weather. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid the extra heat generated by its dark screen. Enjoy your summer, and make sure your phone enjoys it too!

Remember, while it’s important to keep your phone cool, it’s even more important to keep yourself cool. Stay hydrated, find shade, and make the most of the summer weather – safely!