5 Things You Can Do With An Old Smartphone

What to do with an old smartphone

Got an old smartphone that has seen better days?

Instead of having it collect dust in your drawer, shelf or garage, why not try these five things that can give back some benefits?

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1. Trade-In or Sell For Cash

Perhaps the most obvious way of disposing of your smartphone is to sell it or trade it in for an upgrade. If you still have the box, accessories, cable and charger the phone came with, then you can recoup a reasonable amount in exchange for the device.

Try selling it on popular online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or Craigslist. Snap several photos so people will know what they’re buying. This is an excellent option if you’re not in a hurry to sell your gadget and want to get the best value by selling it privately.

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2. Pass It On or Use As Backup

Do you know someone who would really, really appreciate you giving them a hand-me-down smartphone?

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You might think that your 3-year-old phone is junk, but to the eyes of your niece, nephew, parents and neighbours, it’s something that they’d value and cherish for a long time.

If your phone is locked to a certain network, take the necessary steps to have it unlocked before passing it on. The new owner will certainly appreciate it and will get more out of your device by being able to make calls and send text messages or connect to a mobile network’s Internet.

Or, you can power up your old phone and keep it around as an active backup. Slot in a new sim card or program it so you won’t be caught off-guard if something happens to your main one.

The bottom line is, as long as the old phone works, i.e., powers on and can make calls, browse the Internet or download an app, it’s still deemed usable.

3. Repurpose Into Something New

The good thing about smartphones is that they’re the Swiss Army Knife of devices.

They can do a lot of things and become projects for the following:

Remote Control. There are apps that can turn your phone into a remote control, which can come in very handy. This application goes well with Smart TVs or when you have set-top boxes such as an Apple TV, Roku or FireTV Stick. Open the app store and find the corresponding app, then tap to change channels and more.

Audiobook or eBook Reader. Get the Amazon Kindle app or your favourite ebook app and fill your phone up with ebooks to read. Or, if you have an Audible account or love listening to podcasts, attach a pair of wireless headphones or a speaker then play to listen to them as you go about your day.

Music Player. Your old phone can work as an MP3 player once you sign into a streaming service or music subscription via an app. Copy your music to the device and set it on a static charging stand, then hook it up to a speaker system or wireless via earbuds or headphones.

VOIP Device. If your work involves a lot of video calling, Facetime and the like, then you won’t have to drain your laptop or main phone’s battery and transfer video call functionality to the old phone instead. Get within decent Wi-Fi range and near a charging station and you’ll have unlimited VOIP benefits.

4. Donate To Charity

If your home is simply filled with devices and you can’t repurpose your old phone because you already have a music player, ebook reader and a remote, then it’s time to consider donating it away.

Hand it over to local charities, goodwill centres and non-profit organisations such as schools, hospitals, libraries and others. You’ll be filling up your good karma while being one device lighter.

5. Recycle Your Cellphone

For smartphones that no longer work or are extremely old, it may be high time to put them in retirement.

Dispose of your smartphone responsibly and don’t just throw it in the bin. Have it recycled and do the environment a favour, look up the nearest recycling centre and deliver it so it won’t end up in a landfill, leach toxins and pollute Mother Earth. Some parts can be recycled and contribute towards a new phone, appliance or equipment.

Remember to think of new ways to give your smart phone a second life, or else sell it on recycling sites or on marketplaces. In any case, it pays to be responsible and dispose of your electronic gadgets the proper way.

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