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Getting your phone on contract can cost you hundreds of pounds more!

When you’re getting a new phone, going with a contract is generally the normal thing to do. Most people use online comparison sites to see the best prices from individual providers.

The prices of flagship devices are climbing, making it harder for people to afford them. This makes it easier for them to get it on contract, monthly re-payments work out better. Not many customers know that they are actually wasting hundreds of pounds by entering a phone contract.

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A quick example of this is looking at a current contract plan deal on the new Google Pixel 3 XL, it is worth £869. The plan involves 50GB of data, unlimited texts & calls and sounds very enticing. It is £50 up front with a £49 a month price for two years, in total, you are spending £1226 for the contract.

You can buy a brand new Google Pixel 3 XL outright for £769, that’s already over £400 cheaper than the contract price. You do need a SIM though, looking at SIM deals, you can get a pay as you go card for just over £5 a month. It all depends on what you’re looking for SIM card wise, more data is more expensive.

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The best thing to do when buying a new phone is to think about how much data and minutes you will actually need, this way you can compare the prices to contracts a lot better. Buying your phone outright or financing the phone is definitely the cheaper option, saving you money to buy accessories and cases for your new phones.

The cheapest option you can do is to buy used & refurbished phones instead of brand new! They’re just as good and are a lot cheaper, saving you that extra dosh, you should look at our used & refurbished phones.

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