Amazon finally announces a new Kindle: The Kindle Oasis

There were a lot of Amazon fans who were left disappointed when no new kindle showed up with all of Amazon’s new products. However, the reason for this was was that Amazon felt the “event was focused on Alexa”. The device is being released on Halloween.

The Kindle Oasis image

The biggest talking point is how the Kindle features waterproofing! The Kindle Oasis features an IP8  rating which will definitely help market the device, you will be able to take it to the beach, take it in the bath or even give it to your kid while they are eating…

The Kindle Oasis also features the companies highest resolution screen ever at 300ppi, the screen size itself is 7-inches. In comparison, this is an inch bigger than the old default kindle e-reader screen. While there have been kindles that have used a bigger screen but this is the best instalment on a Kindle by far, especially as it is the sharpest too. The new screen allows you to see 30% more words on the screen than before which means less screen turns and more reading.

Amazon claims that the device will still be thin enough to fit into your pocket or carry around with ease which is one of the main selling points of a kindle, the battery is still in a bump on the back which makes it awkward to hold at times but it isn’t too bad! The storage, however, has been doubled to 8GB and the reader goes up to 32GB which is a welcome improvement. There is still no expandable storage though.

The device price starts at £229.99 which is a bit expensive but with the new waterproofing and the bigger/sharper screen, it will definitely be worth it! If you want the 3G enabled 32GB version it will cost £319.99.

Will you be picking up the new Kindle Oasis? Let us know!