Which Phone is Best for Your Zodiac Sign?



♈ Aries : March 21–April 19

iPhone 13 : The natural born leader, an Aries needs top of the line performance. But all of the bells and whistles are not necessary for these cheerful and determined individuals. Thus the iPhone 13 works perfectly, offering some of the best performance on the market at a slight discount relative to the most recent iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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♉ Taurus : April 20–May 20

iPhone SE 2020 : Hard headed and reliable, the Taurus would ask “Why should I spend more when everything I need is already here?” The iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best value phones on the market in terms of performance, as a budget offering from Apple.

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♊ Gemini : May 21–June 21

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 : The social butterflies of the Zodiac, a Gemini will need a device capable of keeping tabs on all of their friends, hobbies, jobs, interests. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 can serve as a hub for even the busiest and most scatterbrained Gemini. 


♋ Cancer : June 22–July 22

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 : The intuitive nature of a Cancer will enable them to wring every last drop of futuristic tech out of the radical new Flip4 from Samsung, with features such as a small outer screen to showcase key information and a camera app perfectly designed for the top half of your folding screen to act as a viewfinder and the bottom half as a control panel.


♌ Leo : July 23–August 22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra : The theatrical and passionate Leo needs a device capable of capturing their vivacious energy (in countless perfectly posed selfies). The Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung has one of the best selfie cameras on the market: its front camera offers a whopping 40 megapixels with an f/2.2 aperture – perfect for the maybe-more-often-than-warranted self portrait.


♍ Virgo : August 23–September 22

Huawei P40 Pro : Meticulous and single minded in their pursuit of improvement, the Virgo will be satisfied with a Huawei P40 Pro, an endlessly practical device with very strong battery life (4200 mAh) and a tremendous 8GB of RAM – all for a shockingly low price.


♎ Libra : September 23–October 23

iPhone 14 Pro Max : The aesthetes of the astrological world, a Libra will only be satisfied with the latest, greatest, and most beautiful of devices – the iPhone 14 Pro Max should satisfy even the pickiest of Libras with its sleek design and triple rear camera array representing the best Apple has to offer.


♏ Scorpio : October 24–November 21

iPhone 11 : Emotional, intense and divisive, the Scorpio is much too occupied with their latest scandal to care particularly about their phone. They just need something that works. Something that works and can fire off gigantic heat-of-the-moment paragraphs at a moment’s notice.


♐ Sagittarius : November 22–December 21

Emporia Click : The intellectual and scheming Sagittarius will already have sorted their main mobile for themselves, but will need a disposable flip phone such as the Emporia Click to manage their extra marital affairs. 


♑ Capricorn : December 22–January 19

Xiaomi 12 Pro : The overachieving Capricorn has no use for fluff and gimmicks when it comes to their mobile. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is strong where it counts: battery life, screen resolution, camera performance. The Capricorn can make their hard work look effortless with the Xiaomi 12 Pro. 


♒ Aquarius : January 20–February 18

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 : The creatively inspired Aquarius can jot down even the most abstract of ideas with the stylus that comes with the Galaxy Note 20. The high resolution screen and large battery life makes the Note 20 a perfect device for the budding worker in a creative field.


♓ Pisces : February 19–March 20

Google Pixel 7 Pro : Sensitive, poised, and socially masterful, a Pisces could effortlessly move through the world with a rotary phone from the 1970’s. But, given it’s 2023, the Pixel 7 Pro is a little more appropriate, with impressive battery life and a camera that has arguably the best low light performance on the market.


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