Our Mobile Phone Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

We now offer insurance on the majority of products in our web store! But what are the benefits of mobile insurance? Do you really need to insure your mobile? Find out everything you need to know about our new insurance service below.

Insuring your mobile phone with The Big Phone Store

When you choose to insure your mobile or other tech with us, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase, through our partner, has been underwritten by Astrenska, so your tech can be replaced at the drop of a hat if need be! And the first two months are free!

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Why insure your tech?

When you choose to insure your mobile with us, you are guaranteed protection from various common events that can instantly take your device from you. 

Does our insurance cover theft?

Yes! Our insurance provider will cover devices lost to theft when provided with a valid crime reference. 

Does our insurance cover a cracked screen?

Our insurance will cover a cracked screen in the context of accidental damage.

Does our insurance cover water damage?

Yes, when your device is accidentally damaged when exposed to any liquid it is valid for a repair or complete replacement if unable to be repaired.

Some stats to consider

Some recent in house research has demonstrated to us that a shockingly large percentage of purchased smartphones go on to an unfortunate end. 

45 percent of cell phone owners will accidentally damage their phones.

The degree of damage will vary from person to person, but the chances of one’s phone getting damaged in some capacity are extremely high, almost half. 


The average time from purchase to breaking your phone is approximately 10 weeks.

The time period directly after purchasing a device is one of the most dangerous as the user can be unaccustomed to the size and weight of their new device, and thus handle it poorly.


More than 38 percent of consumers will drop their phone right out of their hand.

As with the above point, human beings are flawed creatures, and it is all too easy to let a phone slip from your hand, especially some sleek modern models.


28 percent of reported consumers dropped their phones into liquid and 8 percent spilled liquid onto their device.

One false move and your device can be ruined by liquid seeping into a charging port or speaker grill. And that is without even considering the mass mobile graveyard known as the toilet.


15 percent of reported users broke their phone by dropping it off their lap.

Memory is an imperfect thing, and getting up in a state of exhaustion to slump off to bed after a long days work can unexpectedly end in tragedy when one forgets the phone on their lap.


Is mobile insurance worth it?

A common question many ask themselves. Ask yourself this question instead: when your phone is damaged beyond repair or lost/stolen when you need it the most, would you rather take the financial hit of a completely new device or have it replaced at a moment’s notice? 

If you have any more questions about insuring your tech with us, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our excellent customer service team at info@thebigphonestore.co.uk or call us on 01902 256 300.

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