What is a fixed GSM phone?

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Looking at getting a phone for an older relative or loved one? Consider a fixed GSM phone for convenient connectivity!
What is a Fixed GSM Phone?
A fixed GSM phone is a device that takes a SIM card to access the network rather than being wired in like a landline. The big advantage is not having to pay a monthly line rental as it’s a SIM device and works on data. GSM is a global industry standard, it is estimated that 80%+ of global devices use GSM with wireless calls.
Why should I get a fixed GSM phone?
The fixed GSM phone would be perfect for people who just can’t/aren’t interested in using a small touchscreen phone, they’re perfect for older people as they are so easy to use and hard to lose!
What are the main benefits of the fixed GSM phone?
  • Offers a familiar feel and operation
  • Features a loud ringer
  • Big buttons with tactile feedback
  • Charged in a dock, easy to drop in when not in use
  • Hard to lose due to its size
  • Brilliant battery life
  • Easy to read display
  • Care home friendly

Fixed GSM Phones offer a very easy to use phone at a very low price, it is a brilliant phone for someone of an older age who just needs a phone to stay in contact with their loved ones. The loud ringer and the big buttons make it perfect for someone with loss of hearing or sight impairment, it’s even hard to lose thanks to its bulky shape. The brilliant battery life will ensure that long phone calls and random usage will suffice perfectly, no need to have it on charge every 30 minutes, when it is low you can just chuck it into the dock provided.

It’s care home friendly too, thanks to it using a SIM card, it can be moved into a variety of different locations, meaning it can be used on the move or in a different room as it only needs to be charged through a mains plug and requires no fixed line! The easy to read display also helps in the long run, even though it has big tactile keys, it would be hard to see the numbers if you had sight issues, but the fixed GSM phones provide an easy to read display.

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