How to find your IMEI number

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Knowing how to find your IMEI number on your phone is easier than you think

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the 15 digits unique identification or serial number given to all mobile phones and smartphones.

The IMEI number is used by network providers to identify mobile phones and smartphones. The IMEI is mainly used to block phones if owners cannot keep up with payments to their providers. They are also blocked if they are reported stolen or lost.

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You can use the IMEI number to find out if a phone has been stolen or if it has been blocked due to un-paid bills, for example, a stolen phone is blocked by an owner when they call a network provider to instruct them to blacklist the phone using its IMEI.

Many vendors, including pawnbrokers, buy second hand phones and do not check the status of the phone. This could leave you with a phone that is/will be blocked by the provider. You don’t want to waste your money!

You probably do not know how to find your IMEI number on your phone, not many people do! It is a key piece of information that you should know and jot down, just in case your phone does get stolen.

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How to find your IMEI number

To find the IMEI number on any mobile phone, you will need to go to the dialer (where you enter numbers to call). Once you have got onto the dialer, type the code *#06#, this will bring up a screen showing your devices IMEI number. You can’t copy and paste the number however, so have a trusty pen and paper with you!

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There are other ways that you can find out the IMEI number, see below for more ways on how to find your IMEI number on your phone.

IMEI number on an iPhone

  1. On the back of your iPhone you will find some tiny text – and right there is the model number and IMEI.
  2. Check on iTunes, and it will show you your device and the IMEI number
  3. Go into the settings menu and navigate – General>About>IMEI
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IMEI number on an Android Phone

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  1. Find out in settings: Go to Settings>About Device>Status>IMEI
  2. On Androids with removable batteries, you can find it under the battery or on the battery itself.
  3. Google Dashboard: Login to your primary google account on Google Dashboard and then go to Android and then review your devices IMEI number

There you go, that is how you find your IMEI number on your mobile phone! Now that you have found it, why not use our free IMEI blacklist checker? This will show you if your mobile phone is stolen or a fake device, it’s also very useful when buying a new phone!

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