How to save my wet phone

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Have you dropped your phone in water and it’s not waterproof/resistant? Here we will answer the question: How to save my wet phone?
  1. Get your phone out of the water (yes even if it is in the toilet)How to save my wet phone
  2. Turn off your phone completely, don’t let power course through the delicate components
  3. Take out the battery, the sim and anything else that is removable
  4. Dry your phone as much as you can. Get a paper towel, hold it upright and dry, dry, dry
  5. Suck out any water with a vacuum in any crevice you can get it into (do not shake it)
  6. Put it in a dry, warm place in a box of desiccant, it shouldn’t be directly touching (3 desiccants that are better than rice below)
    • Silica Bags
    • Absorbent Cat Litter
    • Uncooked Cous Cous
  7. Leave for 48 hours that is right…. a long time, let it dry, DO NOT SWITCH IT ON

The hardest part about this whole procedure is waiting! The longer the phone dries out without power on the more chance you have of recovering the device.

Mobile phones are made up of tiny delicate components, and no matter how quick you were, or whether you left it off long enough, there will always be a chance that the water has done permanent damage to your phone, and it may not be obvious straight away. Another problem, of course, is that you have voided your warranty with the little dip. So another way to ensure that you save your wet phone is to never turn it on, do steps 1 to 6 and take it to a repair centre – they may have even more ways to save your water damaged phone.

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Good luck!

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