Cheapest Phones With Good Cameras UK 2022

Budget phones and best cameras, these two terms may not suit together, but there are smartphones that have flagship-level photography capabilities. Now you don’t have to spend thousands to get a phone with a good camera and ultimate picture quality. We’ll give you the insider scoop on the best budget camera phones in 2022.

However, the range of budget phones is a bit overcrowded, and it seems like every other smartphone has got a powerful camera. Thus, choosing a good phone can be a little daunting. Since you are on a budget, taking a risk isn’t a good idea. 

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To help you choose the right smartphone, we’ve compiled a list of budget camera phones with the best specs. Not only amazing photography capabilities, but these phones also offer the ultimate performance and are perfect for everyday use.

If you are in a rush and need a top-budget camera phone, we recommend the Huawei P40. It has got a 50 MP stunning camera and a sophisticated ultra-vision Leica camera system to improve the picture quality. Buy the Huawei P40 at just £349.99 from The Big Phone Store. The smartphone is in new-like condition and comes with 128GB storage to store your photos and videos.

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Huawei P40: Best Pick 

Huawei P40 is a mid-range phone with the potential to beat even some flagship smartphones when it comes to camera quality. Just like its high-end sibling P40 Pro, it comes with a 6.1-inch OLED screen. Also, the same Kirin 990 5G chipset improves the performance, while the 6 or 8GB RAM ensures no task lags. 

The big camera setup of this stylish smartphone contains a PDAF-equipped 50MP sensor for superior quality. The optically stabilized 23 mm-equivalent f/1.9 lens works in synergy with the sensor and reduces the noise levels. 

Just under this camera, it has an 8 MP tele-module, which also features OIS and PDAF. The third camera is a 16MP sensor, and that plays a crucial role in recording Full HD or 4Kvideo at 30 or 60 frames per second. This is certainly one of the best budget camera phones availiable on the market today.

On a single charge, the Huawei P40 offers a runtime of 13 hours, and you can use it to record vlogs or for other professional purposes. Though the phone supports fast charging, it lacks wireless charging support. 

Overall, the stylish Huawei P40 is a game-changer if you need a mid-range camera phone. Besides having a powerful camera setup, it has an amazing selfie camera as well. 

Buy Huawei P40 in pristine condition at £349.99 from The Big Phone Store. This particular variant comes in black colour, supports two sims, and has 128GB storage.


iPhone SE 2022: Best Compact Phone 

The iPhone SE 2022 might not have a bulky camera setup, but it does a fair job of capturing amazing photos and videos. Apple has crammed modern guts into a classic design and made this compact phone that easily slides into your pocket. 

There’s just one 12MP sensor on the back with an f/1.8-aperture lens perfect for indoor as well as outdoor shooting. The fast and accurate autofocus, along with the wide depth of field, make the iPhone SE a fairly good choice as one of the best budget camera phones availiable today.

It’s powered by Apple’s own A15 Bionic chipset, thus, multitasking is a breeze. You can quickly switch back and forth between the camera app and the picture editing tools. Unlike the flagship models, it has a TouchID that lets you unlock the phone in a snap.

The good thing is iPhone SE 2022 is water-resistant, but the battery life is a little disappointing. Overall, SE 2022 is a bang for the buck if you prefer iOS and need a compact phone with decent camera quality.

Get iPhone SE 2022 in pristine condition for as low as £399 only at The Big Phone Store.  You’ll find multiple colour and storage options. 


Pixel 5: Battery Life 

Pixel 5 has the same standard-wide hardware we saw on the Pixel 4, but there’s a catch. The phone features a much more powerful camera setup and has a bigger battery under the hood. The 12.2 MP 1/2.55-inch sensor and the wide-aperture lens help with low-light photography.

Google has designed the Pixel 5 to rely on software and processing to improve the picture quality, and that makes this Pixel phone a good choice. In addition, the phone lets you record 4K videos at 2160p/60 fps, while you can also change the FPS manually.

The hardware isn’t as impressive as many competitors, but the Pixel 5 is fairly durable. Vloggers and folks interested in photography will love this Google smartphone for its long-lasting battery. 

The TouchID sensor at the rear improves safety, while the smartphone is compatible with wireless charging for more convenience. 

The refurbished Google Pixel 5 starts at £413 only at The Big Phone Store. The phone comes in different stylish colours and is perfect for anyone interested in capturing stunning photos.


Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G: Best Value for Money Phone

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a high-end smartphone with a lot of similarities to the A72 5G, however, the former is affordable. The phone features an FHD+ 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display for bigger entertainment, and you can also edit the photos with precision.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is doubtlessly one of the best budget camera phones. This smartphone has a quad rear camera, including a 64 MP primary module. In addition, it has a 12 MP ultra-wide camera for capturing amazing photos in low-light conditions.

The photos captured indoors and outdoors have an accurate target exposure with great detail. The smartphone renders a perfect balance between the colours and the depth, while the software also improves the picture quality.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G comes with a biometric sensor built inside the screen for maximum safety and convenience. Lastly, the battery on a complete charge lasts around 11 hours, making this phone suitable for taking videos.

 Save more than £165.00, and get a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G for £232.00. The phone is in “very good” condition and comes with 128GB (expandable) storage.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9: Cheapest Android Smartphone with Best Camera 

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 belongs to the affordable smartphone range but sits above other options when it comes to camera quality. With a 6.53-inch LCD, the phone features an FHD+ resolution that’s crisp enough to keep you entertained and is perfect for editing photos/videos.

On the rear, this smartphone has a generous quad-camera setup, including a 48-megapixel main sensor that captures genuinely breathtaking shots in good and low lighting. Other sensors included in the camera improve the overall picture quality making Redmi Note 9 an amazing camera phone, definitely one of the best budget camera phones.

Besides the fantastic camera, the phone has good stamina, and a single charge easily lasts around 15 hours. The Type-C port ensures fast charging, and you can keep taking stunning photos with this handsome smartphone.

However, it isn’t very durable, so keep it from drops and bumps, or use a nice protective case.

You can buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 for only £115.00 from The Big Phone Store. This is a dual sim phone in “very good” condition with 64GB (expandable) storage. 


Galaxy S20: Best Big Display Camera Phone 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a flagship-level smartphone that’s powerful, feature-loaded, and has an amazing camera setup. You’ll love the stunning 6.9-inch AMOLED display as it offers life-like visuals and your photos look even good on this bright display.

The smartphone has a huge camera setup with a 108 MP-resolution sensor that’s perfect for 4K video recording at a good frame rate. In addition, the smartphone features a native 4x optical zoom and a 10x “hybrid-zoom” with ultimate image stabilization.

The photos have vibrant colours and a perfect depth with low noise. Samsung has equipped this phone with ToF 3D technology to improve the picture quality in portrait mode. Though the phone has a massive battery, it only lasts around 9 hours. However, the 25W fast-charging support comes as a rescue.

The IP rating makes the S20 resistant to dust and water. Lastly, the smartphone supports two sims and has at least 128GB of storage space. 

Get your Samsung Galaxy S20 from The Big Phone Store at just £351.00. We have a range of colours available, and all phones are in “good” condition.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Budget Phone with Best Camera

Besides the camera, there are a lot of things to look for in a smartphone. You’ll be using it for plenty of tasks every day, therefore, the phone should be perfect for your needs. Here are some factors to help you choose the right phone.

Operating System 

Some people prefer iOS, whereas some love Android. Choose the OS first, and then it will funnel down the list of smartphones for you. Also, look for the photo and video editing apps you want to use and make sure they are available for the OS you are going to buy.

Screen Size 

A bigger and clear screen will make the photos appear better, and you can edit them with precision. Choose a smartphone with a big screen and high resolution. Moreover, ensure the phone has Corning Gorilla or any other type of protective film that safeguards the screen.


Next comes the camera, and that’s a big reason why you are choosing these smartphones. Go for a phone with a powerful camera setup. Also, the phone should have several sensors and lenses to allow more light to capture good shots in low-light conditions.

Durability and Ruggedness 

Consider a budget smartphone that’s durable and can easily withstand bumps and drops. Furthermore, it should be water and dust-resistant to help you capture photos everywhere. 


If you are an avid photographer, you should choose smartphones with ample storage space. The budget phone with the best camera should have at least 128GB of storage. You can also choose phones with expandable storage or support for external storage drives.

Tips to Capture Stunning Photos with Your Smartphone 

After you buy a budget phone with the best camera from The Big Phone Store, you are all set to take amazing pictures. However, merely having a powerful phone isn’t enough to capture good photos, so here are some tips to assist you.

Plan the Lighting 

Modern smartphones come equipped with powerful flashlights, but you should rely more on natural light when taking pictures. Make sure the primary light source is behind the subject you are focusing on.

Don’t Zoom Too Much

Zooming too much into something can result in poor photos with more noise in them. Don’t rely on digital zoom, instead, go closer to the subject and then focus on it. 

Reduce Camera Shake

The latest smartphones, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, come with shake resistance, and it helps improve the picture quality. However, not all smartphones come with this feature, so you need to keep your hand still to avoid blurry photos.

The best idea is to use a gimbal or a tripod stand to mount your smartphone while taking pictures.

Capture a Lot of Shots 

Capturing several shots helps you choose a good one, so keep pressing the camera shutter and take multiple photos. 

Find Different Perspectives 

Taking photos from different angles can make them look good. Moreover, it helps create an illusion of depth and height in the photos. Ensure the camera level doesn’t get tilted towards the ground. 

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