Nomophobia – The silent struggle

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Nomophobia is a real thing, more than half of us struggle with it...

Everyone likes to joke about people being obsessed with their mobile phones, but researchers actually believe that this is an actual addiction. The term ‘nomophobia’ was created in 2010 and is short for no mobile phone. 

Nomophobia is the fear of being without your phone. The phobia part of the term can be a little misleading, as phobia can suggest that you are scared to be without it. However, doctors believe that it is more of an anxiety disorder. 

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People who suffer heavily with nomophobia can actually feel lonely without their phones, they have an attachment to it that equates to a loved one/partner. This can lead people to isolate themselves from real company and can even make them feel depressed without their phone. 

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Do you suffer from Nomophobia?

We all know that we depend on our mobile phones for literally everything, being without it can be a massive burden. There are signs that you struggle with nomophobia, so continue reading and see if you tend to struggle.

1. The Panic Check

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We all know the check; when you drastically pat yourself down and rummage through your bag to try and find your phone. The surge of panic that runs through you and can more often than not make you look silly.

2. It's the last thing you think about and the first thing you check when you wake up

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If you wake up in the morning and have the urge to instantly check your mobile phone, this is a sign of being addicted to your phone. It’s even more telling if you have to check it before you go to sleep!

3. You take your phone everywhere


If your phone practically turns into your biggest companion, it can be a sign. If you don’t take your phone somewhere, you would have to go and fetch it. It will probably feel like something is missing and it can affect your mood drastically. 

4. You have to answer, regardless of the situation


No matter the situation, you get the irresistible urge to reply to whatever message/notification has come through. Even in risky ‘no phone zones’ you still get that urge to answer to your phone and to release that burning itch in the back of your mind.

Nomophobia can affect all of us, do you have symptoms of mobile phone addiction? I will be posting more articles this week on dealing with nomophobia.

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