How Are Refurbished Phones Tested?

When you buy a refurbished phone, it undergoes an inspection process which ensures that it has been tested and restored close to its original factory condition.

On top of that, not all phones get refurbished – only those that can be restored to “new condition” are selected and reconditioned.

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As a result, only high-quality refurbished products are sold. These refurbished phones will work and perform like brand new ones. 

When a refurbished phone comes to the market, they are only generalised based on their cosmetic imperfections but not on their functionality.

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So, what do these inspections entail? How does the company ensure that the phone works as expected? What tests are performed? And who performs them?

Let’s take a look at the testing process for refurbished mobile phones.

What Happens During The Refurbishing Process?

When you buy a refurbished phone from The Big Phone Store, we do 70+ point quality test on every device to ensure they perform precisely like new phones.

We only sell refurbished phones which have been thoroughly inspected by our team of experts and then passed our rigorous testing process, using Phonecheck.

The testing process involves identifying genuine parts, phone functionality tests, and visual inspection. 

The Big Phone Store Testing Process

We use various tools to evaluate everything, from the battery life to the volume controls.

Our engineers inspect each product thoroughly to check for any signs of damage or wear. 

They run through a series of basic tests to ensure the phone functions properly. And we also carry out more advanced tests to see if there are any issues with the hardware.

We carry out a full hardware scan using Phonecheck, a specialised diagnostic software.

Phonecheck delivers fast and effective data analysis for smartphones and tablets. It also helps detect any smartphone faults. Thus allowing us to identify potential issues and problems that may arise during use.

What tests do we run on our Refurbished Phones

To check the overall health of the phone, we carry out a complete hardware scan using the software. Our technicians use this to find any potential faults and determine whether or not the phone needs to be repaired.

These tests involve examining each component individually. And below are the list of tests carried out on all mobile phones.

  1. Device Info: Checks the model number, serial number, manufacturer name, firmware version, screen resolution, processor speed, storage space, memory size, RAM, battery capacity, camera type, and sensor resolution.
  2. Battery Health: Checks the status of the battery, charging state, charge level, temperature, current consumption, voltage, and remaining time.
  3. Jailbreak/Rooted: Checks whether the device is jailbroken or rooted. This means the user has installed custom applications and modified the operating system.
  4. Physical Test: Checks the physical appearance of the phone, including the case, buttons, ports, speaker, microphone, cameras, LED lights, headphone jack, SIM card slot, and other components.
  5. Hardware Keys: Checks all hardware keys, including home key, back key, menu key, search key, power button, volume up/down, camera shutter, and lock key.
  6. Sound: Checks the sound output quality of the speakers, earphones, and microphones.
  7. Vision: Checks the camera lens, flash, light sensitivity, image stabilisation, autofocus, focus distance, exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, and video recording mode.
  8. Camera/Video: Checks the camera settings such as picture quality, resolution, shutter speed, flash setting, frame rate, flash mode, face detection, touch focus, and HDR.
  9. Touch ID: Checks Touch ID functionality and security features.
  10. Fingerprint/Sensors: Checks fingerprint scanner and sensors.
  11. Live Call: Checks audio call quality and voice recognition.
  12. Microphone: Checks network connectivity, signal strength, WiFi connection, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, functioning of the built-in apps, etc.

Note: Our diagnostics method includes pre and post-checks before and after fixing the device to ensure it is certified and covered by warranty.

Final inspection

Upon passing diagnostic testing, the phones are ready for refurbishment. Our technicians perform a full factory reset by deleting the previous owner’s data from iCloud, unlocking their PIN, and unlinking user accounts.

Additionally, the phone will be unlocked, allowing it to be used on any network in the future. Furthermore, the IMEI number of the device will be checked against a stolen and lost device database to ensure that the device came from a trustworthy source.

And this comprehensive testing ensures that the phone you receive is fully functional and ready to go.

Apart from rigorously testing each refurbished phone’s performance and functionality, we also grade them based on their appearance

Cosmetic Grading

Not all refurbished phones look the same. Some have better finishes. Others may have scratches, dents, or other cosmetic blemishes.

We take into account these factors when grading our products. We use the following criteria to determine the cosmetic grades of the refurbished phones.

We grade our refurbished phones according to the following standards:

  • Pristine – No sign of usage, and no scratches or scuff marks
  • Very Good – Light signs of use, minor scratches or scuff marks
  • Good – Moderate signs of use, minor wear and tears
  • Fair – Significant signs of use and might be cracks or dents on the screen

The functionality of all these graded phones remains unchanged. These grades only reflect the appearance of the phone.

Cosmetic grading can be helpful if you are on a stringent budget but still want to acquire a high-end smartphone. The grading system can help you choose between similar models with different price tags. 

Test Of Authenticity: The Big Phone Store

With so many retailers selling cheap refurbished phones, it is essential that buyers can trust that the devices are genuine.

Many smartphones are being repaired with either cheap or non-genuine parts, which leads to poor performance and longevity.

PhoneCheck helps us identify that the parts used inside the phone are of the highest quality and meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

The tool examines the phone for any signs of tampering and detects faulty parts. This allows us to verify the integrity of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) components used in the phone.

All of this ensures that you receive a reliable phone that functions just as well as a new device.

You can feel confident in knowing that when you purchase from us, your refurbished phone has been checked and verified to be genuine.

Over 5 Million Devices Sold

At The Big Phone Store, we only sell refurbished phones that meet our high standards for functionality and reliability. If a phone doesn’t pass our stringent checks, it won’t be sold.

So whether you want to save some money or get the best possible product, you can rest assured that all of our refurbished phones come with a full one-year warranty and 14 days money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to buy a smartphone, then there’s no better option than refurbished phones. They can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and come with all sorts of benefits.

We guarantee that all our products function as new and exceed your expectations.

To find more information about our refurbished phones, please read our detailed guide here



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