There have been a number of reports that iPhone 8 batteries started ‘swelling’, breaking the phone. Leading to Apple Investigating iPhone 8 swollen battery claims.

Apple has officially confirmed that it is conducting an investigation into reports of swollen iPhone 8 batteries that swell so much that the case of the iPhone 8 breaks and separates.

The reports started around the end of September, the reports have been from a variety of different areas/markets including Japan, Greece, Canada, Taiwan and China.

Images have surfaced online showing the extent of the swollen batteries including iPhone 8’s fresh out of the box! Images from Twitter show the extent of the Battery swelling below:

See the tweet here 

Reports from MacRumours show that the issues are mostly from leaving the device charging overnight, while a number of devices are known to be a quite small number, it should still be looked at as a fault that shouldn’t be happening but unfortunately these things happen.

Apple is describing these faults as a battery failure and still remained tight-lipped in response to the claims but at least they have confirmed that they are looking into the matter. No more information was said by Apple, however, battery industry analyst speaking to The Verge suspects that Apple executives are “in crisis mode” as they look to make sure the isolated reports don’t point to a larger issue much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

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