Fidget Spinner Phone – The Best phone of 2017!

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The best phone of 2017 has been revealed… What could be better than a fidget spinner and a phone combining? (a lot of things)

The phone has been around for a while and PhoneRadar did a hands-on review of the device in September. It is essentially a fidget spinner and a phone merged together to make a fidget spinner phone. Chilli International created the device and it is only available in India at this current time.


The device has a 1.4-inch screen, physical keyboard and 32MB of storage, though, the storage can be extended to 8GB if you have an SD card. The Chilli International device comes in 6 colours as well!  The phone does not have all the bells and whistles, it does not feature any apps but it does have a web browser and Bluetooth! The ‘Fidget phone’ is only around £14.50 which isn’t bad really when you think about it (Some fidget spinners are/were £15!) There are much more varieties of fidget spinner phones online, look on Amazon if you are really interested.

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Check out the hands on review of the fidget spinner phone by PhoneRadar in the video below!


YouTube hands on review by PhoneRadar

At least if you get a stressful call you can just start spinning it to either unwind or ignore the call? The device is not bad for £20, it’s in the same price bracket as some normal Fidget spinners. (This one has Bluetooth so you would definitely be the coolest)

Spoil yourself to a Fidget Spinner Phone if that’s what you’re into, if not let’s move on…

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