Wolves in Wolves: Zeus

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The Big Phone Store has successfully won two of the ‘Wolves in Wolves’ which were auctioned for charity. Let us tell their stories.

The first of our Wolves in Wolves is Zeus.

Zeus was created by Highfields School in Wolverhampton. Highfields school offers a vast array of extra-curricular activities and the students thought about the sports they enjoy participating in to include in their final design. Each student chose their favourite sports and incorporated each sport into the design, such as football, gymnastics and rounders. Highfields School also added their school crest to demonstrate the variety of extra-curricular sporting activities they offer.

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Design aspects

Wolves in wolves zeus

Let’s talk about the design aspects of this wolf, we really enjoy the different colours and gradients but also enjoy the variety of different sports that are on show! The bottom half of the wolf has a unique and clever design. As quoted by Highfields “The water on the lower half of the wolf is inspired by the WV Active swimming pool. The design of the water was enthused by Tim Lam, an international painter originally from Hong Kong who uses colour to portray nature, like waves which we used.” WV Active Central swimming baths are very well known in Wolverhampton (Wolverhampton Baths) and it is a big part of the community.

The top half of the wolf features a gradient design of orange and yellow while featuring many different sports icons, it also includes the Highfields School badge and the WV Active logo. As quoted by Highfields “The sombre-effect background consists of warm tones like red, orange and yellow, which represent the Olympic flame and also compliment the blue from the water. To further represent a larger sports community, we involved the Olympic rings as it is a big part of the UK”.

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(Photo credit – WolvesinWolves.co.uk)

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