Wolves in Wolves: Kiyiya

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The Big Phone Store has successfully won two of the ‘Wolves in Wolves’ which were auctioned for charity. Let us tell their stories.

The second of our Wolves in Wolves is Kiyiya

Kiyiya was created by artist Jo Burgess (Website) Jo has created an interesting design on the wolf, addressing the false image of Wolverhampton as a ‘drab’ and ‘dead’ city. Jo is well known for her design work around Wolverhampton, she runs her own Surface Pattern design business in which Jo combines intricate and sophisticated designs with different media to create impressive, one of a kind artworks and commercial products with a distinctive flavour and particular attention to detail. This made her design for the Wolves in Wolves stand out and be one of the favourites of the public.

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Design Aspects

Wolves in wolves kiyiya

The design is very eye catching and you notice the bright floral design straight away. You can see a wild floral jungle filled with exotic flowers and butterflies, signifying the vibrant, wild and creative nature of the people of Wolverhampton. Showing the true colours of the city.

The skeleton is also very well designed and looks fantastic, addressing the false saying that Wolverhampton is ‘dead’ it adds more passion and helps show the heart that Jo put into this design! The words on the front in the middle of a big heart say “The Wolves in Wolves are of strong, social character, intelligent, intuitive and fiercely loyal… Come run with us.” The text is beautifully written and gives people a chance to see how passionate all of us in Wolverhampton really care about our town.

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Learn more about Jo Burgess here

(Photo credit – WolvesinWolves.co.uk)

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