The BGA Machine – Mobile Phone Repairs

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This is one of our BGA machines, they can cost anywhere from £40,000 to £250,000 to buy but they are worth every penny.

The BGA Machine is the machine that should be used for any BGA component reflow or replacement. This is professional and precise equipment; it gently heats the target BGA component to the correct replacement temperature and then cools down the circuit board slowly.

Third party repairs and market stall repairs often don’t take this into consideration; they will heat up the circuit board and component quickly which puts the device at risk of thermal shock, before getting to the correct replacement temperature. They also often cool it down quickly too, which can also cause thermal shock, creating more faults on your device.

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Imagine getting a frozen ice cube and putting it into a glass of water, the sound of the ice cube cracking will be known imminently. This is thermal shock and it’s the same principle when it comes to the circuit board, if the metal temperature is changed suddenly, it will undergo thermal shock.

This will definitely effect the lifetime of your device, often shortening it drastically.  Every time your circuit board is heated to replacement temperature, the board will lose 30% of its life.  That’s why it’s so important to get it right first time, every time.

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The BGA machine is extremely efficient for mobile phone repairs; the mobile phone circuit board is very small and heavily populated, small parts are separated by only millimetres. Market stall repairers often do these kinds of repairs by hand or with tools such as heat guns, this can damage the circuit board, for example, the heat gun will heat the other components and damage them. The risk of intermittent failures and additional faults is very high when it is done by hand.

Professional repairs do cost more than unlicensed vendors and market stalls but it is definitely worth it. You get warranty on your repair and have a repair that is good as new.  Cheaper repairs can often end up creating new faults down the line, as can using cheap parts.

You wouldn’t take your expensive car to a dodgy, unlicensed repair mechanic would you?

Be safe and get your phone or device repaired professionally.

We offer professional mobile phone repairs at our Wolverhampton and Wednesfield stores. 

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