Will my Gear VR work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?


Looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but you're not sure if your Gear VR is compatible?

If you already own a Gear VR, it would be a let down if it didn’t work with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. After all, if VR is important to you, it would be a waste of money.

The Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset is made to work specifically with Samsung phones. If you already own a Gear VR or a Samsung phone but you’re not sure if it’ll work, see our compatibility list for the VR headset here can I use the Samsung Galaxy VR

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If you already have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it can be confusing to know that it may not be compatible with certain Gear VR’s. The Galaxy Note 9 is compatible with the VR, but only the latest version. To tell if your VR will work with the Galaxy Note 9 follow the steps below.

The latest version of the Gear VR is the black/blue coloured device, with oculus branding. If you have the white one, unfortunately, it will not work with the Galaxy Note 9. The white Gear VR does not support the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy S8. 

You can also check the model number if the model number is SM-R325 or SMR324, then the VR is compatible with the new Galaxy S9. 

There is a catch though.

Gear vr fitting l

To use your Note 9 in the Gear VR, you will need to order a free adapter from Samsung. This is due to the increase in size from the Note 8, it will make the phone sit uncomfortable in the headset. 

You can find the details for ordering this free adapter here 

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