Announcing Our Green Friday Sale! (Buy Refurbished Phones on Black Friday)

Black friday, green text

Black Friday just got a whole lot more green.

What is Green Friday?

In many ways, Green Friday is the ‘anti’ Black Friday. The event aims to point a spotlight on the environmental impact of our shopping habits, now that Black Friday has officially become the UK’s biggest day of consumerism.

How can you take part?

There are many different ways you can take part in Green Friday, and indeed many people have different approaches. Some will spend the day communing with the natural world. Others use it as a day of activism. But most of all, the Green Friday event has become a day when shoppers like you are encouraged to choose products that are better for the environment. TIn 2023, Green Friday is more popular than ever, even with some big-name brands like Currys launching their own Green Friday sales.

That’s where The Big Phone Store comes in, helping you to choose a mobile phone with a seriously small environmental impact.

Which phone is best for the environment?

The most environmentally friendly phone is a refurbished phone. The competition doesn’t even come close. Recently, brands like Apple, Samsung and Google have made bold claims about the environmental credentials of their phones, and while it’s true that between using recycled materials and investing in carbon offsetting, these companies are reducing the impact of their devices – the fact remains that every new phone bought:

  • is made from exploitatively-mined materials;
  • generates a noticable carbon footprint, and;
  • creates the potential for harmful materials to be released into the environment.

When you buy a refurbished phone, that always means one less phone heading to landfill, one less phone’s worth of CO2 in the atmosphere, and one less phone’s worth of rare earth metals to be mined.

Claim £5 off your next purchase!

That’s right, from now until Cyber Monday we’re offering £5 off all orders of £150 or more!

Not only that, remember that our refurbished phones are already absurdly cheap! We’re confident that you won’t find refurbished phones of this quality for less anywhere else!

To claim your £5 discount, all you have to do is enter our promo code BLACKFRI150 when you check out.