Stop wasting money and follow our easy guide to different retailers refurbished phone conditions 

The refurbished mobile phone market is on the rise, as more people are realizing they can save money and still have the technology they want. There are many providers selling and reconditioning mobile phones, and there has been an increase in the amount of grades and conditions that are available. However, if you’re new to buying second hand products this may leave you confused and unsure where to spend your money, as not all grades are the same. Well, we are about to make your life a lot easier with our complete guide to refurbished phone conditions between retailers (and some other useful tips and tricks of the trade!)


To put it simply, pristine condition on one website may not mean the same as on another website. You could be losing money and receiving products that you could be getting in better condition for the same money elsewhere. Read our easy guide to the major refurbished phone conditions: 

Internal Grade:Grade: ABCD
PristineVery GoodGoodFair
The Big Phone Store This is a fully tested product in perfect working order. No visible signs of use.Light signs of use. In perfect working order.Used product with moderate signs of use. In perfect working order.Fully tested in perfect working order. Will have cracks, dents, and heavy signs of usage.
A Grade - ExcellentB Grade - GoodC Grade - Average
The iOutlet LogoExcellent condition, minor signs of use.Good condition with moderate signs of wear.Average condition with signs of heavy wear.
RenewedPristineVery GoodGood
The 4Gadgets LogoShows no signs of use. Refurbished with brand new parts. Minor imperfections if any. As good as new.Will be signs of wear and tear on rear and casing.Signs of wear and tear on screen, rear and casing.
PristineVery GoodGood
The Music Magpie LogoClose to new without the price tag.Light signs of wear and tear.Moderate signs of wear and tear.
Pristine PackExcellentGood
The Handtec Logo 'As new' condition.Slight signs of use but no deep scratches and minimal scuffs. Signs of average usage but no cracks or missing parts.
Grade A1Grade A2Grade A3
Laptops Direct LogoPristine condition Good with minor cosmetic marks.Average condition with signs of wear and tear.
Smart Cellular LogoNo signs of usage or wear and tear and looks brand new. Minor signs of usage. E.g hairline scratch or mark.Signs of wear and tear.
PristineExcellent GoodWorn
Quick Mobile Fix LogoLooks like new. No signs of use.Minimal signs of use e.g. light scratches. More noticeable scratches or scruffs.Obvious signs of use e.g. scratches scuffs and dents.
PristineVery GoodGood Average
I Need A Mobile LogoNo visible marks or scratches.Very slight marks or scratches that are barely visible.Visible marks or scratches.Clear marks or scratches on the screen and/or back.

Other factors to consider? 

But, it is not just the condition of the phone that you need to think about. Whilst you may pay the same price for the same phone on two different websites – are you actually getting the best deal? Are you paying the same for delivery? Are you getting the same warranty cover? What about the included accessories? These factors also differ across different retailers – so you need to ensure you are making the most of your money. We have also included an easy guide to this below! 

RetailerWarranty Cover?Delivery Fee? Buyer Protection?
The Big Phone Store 12 Months WarrantyFree 48hr Delivery on Orders over £30. Same day dispatch. 85% orders arrive the next day. Same day collection available.30 day returns.
TheiOutlet12 Months Warranty -varies on product specification. Free Standard Delivery across all items. Dispatch times 2-3 days and delivery time 48 hours. Replacement or repair after 45 days.
4Gadgets12 Months Warranty Free Next Day Delivery on orders over £40. 14 day returns
MusicMagpie12 Months WarrantyFree two to three days delivery. 14 day returns.
Handtec6-12 Months Varies in Warranty Free Delivery on orders over £50.14 day returns.
Laptopdirect12 Months Warranty Free Delivery on orders over £50.14 day returns. Returns are payed for by the customer.
SmartCellular3-12 Months Varies in Warranty Free Standard Delivery (3-5 days) on orders over £10. 14 day returns. Returns are payed for by customer.
Quick Mobile Fix 3-12 Months Varies in Warranty All deliveries are free. 48hr dispatch for accessories and 7-10 days for refurbished phones. 14 day returns.
I Need a Mobile12 Months Warranty Next Day Delivery £4.9914 day returns.

It is also useful to note that you should be buying renewed technology from reputable companies. Companies that have been established for longer may offer better quality, knowledge and customer service, and due to the nature of the purchase you need to feel comfortable with who you are giving your money to.


”It’s not about the quantity it’s about the quality”

Finally – customer service is key. You are spending your hard earned money, and you deserve the best customer service along with your device. The way that retailers handle issues is very important – and you want to make sure you will get the best service and aftercare for your device if any problems arise. We have full guides here on our website if you want to read in more detail, but below is a rough guide to retailers customer service reviews. 

RetailerGoogle RatingTrustpilot Rating
The Big Phone Store4.8/5
Quick Mobile Fix2.8/5
Laptops Direct4/5
Music Magpie4.4/5
Smart Cellular3.5/5
I Need A Mobile4.2/5
Information correct as at the time of collecting from competitor websites (15/06/2020). Ratings are subject to change.


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