‘What phone do I have’ Is one of the most frequently asked questions!

Here are four straightforward ways you can quickly check the model name and number to find out what phone you have.

1. Settings Menu


Finding “About Device/phone” on your mobile phone

  1. Go to settings/options on Android or general on Apple,
  2. Scroll down to the ‘About Phone/Device’ section on Android or ‘About’ on Apple and click on it.
  3. Here you will find your devices name and model number, added with the current software version and hardware version.
  4. On Apple devices, you will find the serial number of your device and the model number which you can Google.


2. The Box

If you have the box that the phone came in you can also check there, the model name and number is on a small white sticker, and it’s sometimes on the ‘box inside the box’.
*Older phones may not have these stickers for some reason so the best way to check older phones is to check the removable battery cover/compartment and it is usually there for you to check.*

3. Bluetooth

Another approach would be to check your devices Bluetooth name, use another phone and search for devices via Bluetooth. When searching for new devices on Bluetooth, the name of the device is displayed, for example, when searching you could find ‘Samsung Galaxy S6’ (it doesn’t give you a model number). However, if you are buying the device secondhand, this could have been changed so only use this trick with a brand new phone.

4. External A number

On almost every iPhone, the model number may be on the back in tiny writing, and there will be two sentences. Usually starting with ‘Designed by Apple’, in this paragraph there will be a model number. The model number usually looks like this: Model A1549. There can be multiple A numbers for similar iPhone’s due to different territories etc. If you get the A number and Google it, the iPhone model will appear, the best place to check is on Apple’s official site.

Check your iPhone A number here

These are four straightforward ways in finding your phone model/model number, if you still need help then contact us, we don’t bite.

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