MWC 2018 is here, while everyone is watching Samsung and Sony, Vivo has been showing off their prototype.

Vivo has been showing off its prototype device, the Vivo Apex. Just looking at a picture of it for the first time speaks volumes, it has a 98% screen to body ratio nearing a full bezel-less display and features a selfie camera that comes out at the top of the phone.

Vivo has definitely shown us what they think the future will look like in the phone industry, the Vivo Apex claims to have the worlds first half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology, this allows you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint anywhere at the bottom half of the screen. It’s an even bigger advance in the technology from the Vivo X20 Plus UD with featured the first in-display fingerprint sensor on a phone.

Vivo Apex Image by CNET

The built-in fingerprint sensor feels great to use, it may not be as fast as other fingerprint sensors, but it is the easiest and most comfortable way it’s ever been done. It also allows you to use two fingerprints, instead of one, for even more biometric security. This is seen as a dream to mobile enthusiasts and mobile lovers around the world, but it is just a concept and definitely is not ready for commercial use (just yet). There were times when the sensors could not pick up prints but that is expected at such an early time in this technology. It is really fun to use though, it makes you feel cool and it does feel like this is how it should be.

The front-facing camera is the next trick, you won’t see it on the front of the device, it comes out of the top of the device ina rising motion. It takes 0.8 seconds to fully reveal itself and looks very fluid as it comes out, there are worries about it being broken easily but this is just a concept so it can be corrected or improved in the future. This will allow the device to have no bezel at the top, no notch required, making ‘bezel-less’ a reality. While most companies may see the camera being put under the display or at the bottom of the phone, this does seem to fix a longstanding issue with getting rid of that top bezel.

There are no definite specs for the Vivo Apex but this device is only a prototype, you won’t be able to buy it anyway (sadly). It does give us an interesting look into what the future of smartphones may look like, we’re sure that the technology used in this device will come into play over the next couple of years. What a time we live in.