Not sure on whether to get a locked phone or an unlocked phone? Let us explain the differences!

Unlocked phones are phones that are not locked by a certain carrier, this means that you can use any SIM card or network provider that you want! A Locked phone is locked by your carrier, you can only use SIM cards using their network.

You will still need a sim card to get coverage but you get a lot more choice and can find the perfect SIM card for you. Purchasing a locked phone, however, has become more and more popular as it is cheaper. The difference is, you have to use the locked providers SIM card.

Why are phones locked in the first place?
The most common reason phones are locked is due to the phone previously being used through a contract with the provider. If you get a phone on contract, it is automatically locked to that provider but some providers offer to unlock the phone at the end of the contract for a price. They lock their phones as this makes you more likely to continue to use them as a provider and keep paying for their service after your contract is over.

You can get your locked device unlocked by the provider or you can go to a repair centre and ask/see if they can unlock your device. Both options are not free though!

Should you get a locked phone?
If you already have a SIM card that is the same provider that the phone is locked to then yes! It’s cheaper and makes no difference for you. If you’re looking at certain SIM cards, look to see if there’s a phone locked to the provider to save even more money. Make sure that it’s locked to the right provider though, unless you want it cheaper and then get it unlocked.

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