Big news coming out of Twitter this morning!

Twitter has come out today and urged all 330 million users of its platform to change their password urgently after a bug has exposed all of the passwords in ‘plain text’

Twitter has conducted a private investigation into the bug, while it didn’t find any evidence of any breach or misuse of the passwords, Twitter is advising everyone to change their passwords to be on the safe side. This should also take third-party apps into consideration such as Tweetdeck.

The bug has apparently occurred during the hashing process, an error made it that the passwords appeared in plain text and were not masked. The error in question stopped it from replacing passwords with random letters or encryption and instead allowed them to be stored without any change or any protection.

There has been no number given on how many peoples passwords have actually been compromised or how long the bug/error has been exposing passwords before it has been fixed. Twitter has still urged users to change their passwords, just to make sure that their accounts are safe.

The bug has been fixed but you are still being urged you to change your password, do it, be on the safe side!

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