The dark truth about third party iPhone screen repairs

One of the worst moments of being a phone owner is cracking the screen to your beloved device, leading to the panic of trying to get it repaired. The first thought is; “where is the cheapest place I can get it fixed”, this thought, may be a mistake waiting to happen.

The horrible truth is; anyone can open up a repair centre now-a-days, claiming to be professional and recommended by an OEM. It’s easy to lie to consumers who are vulnerable; this is a sector that is hard to be knowledgeable in or to have the inside know how of what to look for. That’s the funny part, before I started working for major phone repair companies, I was the same, I would look for the cheapest vendor and get it done quick. That was before I knew what happens behind the scenes.

There are thousands of third party vendors out there who have no real training or expert skills but learned through the DIY way, it can look easy to repair your phone, especially through these iPhone screen repair YouTube videos. They look to buy the cheapest screens possible in order to maximise profit, they are a business looking to make as much money as possible after all. This is without concern of quality or the longevity of the repair; they can buy a cheap ‘iPhone screen’ and sell your cracked one off for a profit!

Why would they do such a thing?

Not all third party vendors are dishonest ‘monsters’, some may have the skills and the training but can just be naïve or money driven, so buying the cheapest parts makes sense to them. Most probably aren’t aware of the difference between an OEM, Refurbished OEM, Copy or High Quality Copy, some will look the same but they most definitely are not.

The difference between low quality fakes (left) and official Apple iPhone screens (right)

Copied/low quality parts are usually thicker; this is due to the difference of LCD parts and needing to add the digitizer (touchscreen function) to the outer layer glass. Apple original iPhone screens and high quality screens have the digitizer (touch screen functionality) built into the LCD itself. This is why cheap and crap screens don’t fit the phone properly and have a high risk of malfunctioning or breaking. You could end up getting a display that has a high quality LCD but with a really bad quality glass fitted, as this is cheaper and more known to the third party vendors.

What are the main risks?

The real main risks of getting the cheap/poor quality parts fitted onto your phone can vary; the most common problem is the screen not fitting the phone properly and getting lifted out of the body. The other problems include;

Poor performing LCD that drastically reduces the image/viewing quality of your device;

It affects your viewing quality by having a weaker brightness level, poor contrast and lower resolution. It also can reduce the refresh rate of your screen, giving the effect of ‘input lag’ and slower response times, it can also cause various scrolling & touch issues which are a real pain.

Battery draining more than it should

The copied screens will mislead the operating system which is optimized for an original screen, making it think it needs more power to increase the brightness and contrast.

To conclude

The best thing to do if you do crack your iPhone screen or break any devices screen, is to get it repaired professionally, it will cost more than a third party vendor but it really is worth it. Look for accreditation and ask them about some of the equipment they use (i.e. do they conduct ESD protocols), you will know if they are professional just by the response you get!

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