The Google Play store keeps crashing? This is a common and easily fixed issue on Android.

This is a pain especially when you want to download an app or wanting to do something important. The Google Play Store keeps crashing is something that you will hear a lot as this can be quite a common problem on Android phones but the fix is quite simple and quick to do! The main cause of this issue is possibly having a corrupt cache, the way to get rid of a corrupted cache issue is to clear the cache which means getting rid of data that isn’t necessarily needed. Follow the steps below to see how to clear the cache and potentially get rid of the issue.

The Google Play Store keeps crashing blog image

Image credit – AndroidPIT


  1. Go to settings (little icon on taskbar or in your main app drawer)
  2. Press on Apps
  3. Depending on what version of Android you are on either swipe right so it swaps to all apps or select it from the drop down
  4. Press wipe cache and data and then wipe cache or press on storage which will take you there.
  5. Restart your phone when it is done!

This now should be fixed but if worst comes to worst and it hasn’t, follow the steps again and wipe the cache from the Google Play Services and then the Google Services Framework. Don’t forget to restart your phone everytime you have wiped the cache off of a certain application!

We hoped that this has helped you fix the issue that the Google Play Store keeps crashing! Let us know if it helped.

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