Welcome to part 2 of our best phones to buy this Christmas guide.

If you haven’t read part one of the Christmas list, read it here.

Continuing from part one, we are selecting the best phones for both high end and lower end. The lists will also include bargain phones that the value of money is very very good. This is not a list that just lists and describes the best high-end phones of the year.

Let’s crack on and start part 2.

iPhone 7

Christmas phone iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 may look like a next-generation device when there are three newer iPhones on the market but you should not write this phone off! The iPhone 7 is still a premium built smartphone featuring a lot of the iPhones best features. Considering that you can get the iPhone 7 for £509.99 this is considerably cheaper than the newer models and sits at an attractive price point. The iPhone 7 still feels lightning quick due to its A10 processor and the camera is brilliant, this is the perfect match for social media activists, the design is also great featuring a metal body that is splash and water resistant. You also get all the features of iOS11 too as this phone will be upgraded to iOS11! The price of this phones makes you wonder if it is really worth paying extra for the iPhone 8…

Get the iPhone 7 for £509.99

Blackberry Torch 9810

Christmas phone Blackberry torch

Looking for a sophisticated phone for Christmas but with a low cost? This may be for you. The Blackberry is known for its brilliant physical keyboard and for being the most secure phone on the planet. The Blackberry Torch 9810 is no different, except for it gives you the choice between touchscreen and typing! The phone also features a gorgeous display which looks a lot more up to date than it is, the camera also features augmented reality, which is trending right now. The keyboard makes it easy and a joy to type long paragraphs and brings the joy back into messaging or writing emails. Once you go to keyboard, who knows if you’ll come back…

Get the Blackberry Torch 9810 for £76.49

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015)

Christmas phone samsung galaxy j5

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a great Samsung phone that is under the £90 mark. This would be a perfect first phone or a phone for someone not interested in the latest bells and whistles. The J5 does feature Samsungs famous Super AMOLED display, which gives an amazing experience when watching films, looking at pictures and even in day to day use. The J5 also features a 13 Mega-Pixel camera with a f/1.9 aperture meaning you can snap great photos in normal light and low light. The phone is a brilliant alternative to spending over £100 and is a more than capable smartphone to keep up with the big boys. A perfect Christmas gift for not breaking the bank.

Get the Samsung Galaxy J5 for £89.99

That’s it for part 2 of the best phones to buy this Christmas, make sure to keep an eye out for part 3 coming soon!