These are our picks for the best apps for saving money

Saving money can be such a daunting experience, getting your personal finances under control is such an important thing to do, especially when you’re saving for something big like a new house. That’s why we’ve picked out the best apps for saving money, one of these could be just what you need to get on track for your goals.

The problem is that there’s new budgeting/money management apps popping up every day, downloading one bad app could put you off using another. There’s also the chance that you read articles from other publishers that may have deals for commissions, meaning they may be more biased towards another product. Don’t worry, we’ll do the leg work for you and list out what we believe to be the best apps for saving money. 

best apps for saving money chip


Chip is a great app for saving money and helps you along the way. You have to connect Chip to your online banking and it will gather all of your spending data and come up with a plan for you. It also works out how much money you could afford to save and places it into a separate savings account, making all of your spare change into a fully fledged savings account. You can put more money into the savings account manually and can stop any transitions going into it too. Chip is free and can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

best apps for saving money money dashboard

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a great app for seeing where your precious money is going, it will show you exactly what you are wasting your money. It cleverly shows you your previous transactions and categorizes them into groups, separating the bills and the takeaways. This allows you to see where you may be going wrong or potentially spot where you could cut back, changing your money habits and saving in the long run. Cut down on the big spenders and you could be on your way to hitting your goals. Money Dashboard is free and can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

Savings Goal Pro

Savings Goal Pro helps you on your way to your long-term savings goals, helping you dissect how much is needed each month to meet your goals. All you have to do is tell the app the target amount that you want to save and add the deadline that you want to hit the total by, for example, if you want to save for a mortgage deposit by next year. The app then tracks your progress and even shows graphics to show you how much you have saved, how long until you hit your target and your progress status (ahead/behind schedule) The Savings Goal Pro app is only available for Apple users on the App store and costs £3.99.

best apps for saving money topcashback


TopCashback is a very simple and easy to use app that can get you free cashback from both online and in-store shopping, it has been voted as the highest paying cashback service giving more to their users than anyone else. You can use the app in over 4000 stores including very popular stores such as Argos. The online cashback section can get you cashback from sites such as JustEat and Expedia, saving you money on your favourite take away and holiday bookings. The app also has a section for discounts and voucher codes, helping you save money on important purchases. You can get the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

That is our selection of four apps for saving money, there are hundreds more but these are our top picks and we recommend them to everyone! We will be doing another post like this one but with more money saving apps, do you have one you use regularly? Let us know!