If your phone is struggling with speed issues, try using our five tricks, it will definitely improve it!

When you own a mobile phone for a long period of time, there will be an inevitable slow down in performance. The older the phone, the more susceptible. Some phones, however, slow down way earlier than they should, even your brand new phone could be acting slow, with no reason why.

We have jotted down five tricks that will improve the performance and definitely speed up your phone!

1. Install the latest software

Speed up your phone update

Check and see if your phone has the latest software available installed, the updates improve performance and speed as it removes bugs and optimises your phone. This is a very simple but essential step to improve the speed of your phone as it will keep your device up to date and feeling fresh, falling behind can also be a security risk! Go to Settings > About device > System updates > Check for update (This may be slightly different on other Android phones but is near enough the same steps).

2. Restart your device

speed up your phone restart

The quickest trick to speed up your phone and to improve core performance is to restart your device. Restarting it will clear out any cache on your phone and stop unnecessary tasks form running behind the scenes, making your phone fluid and smooth again. You can restart the device by holding down the power button and turning it off and turning it back on.

3. Uninstall any apps you do not use

speed up your phone uninstall

Apps that you do not use will be just sitting there on your phone, hogging up precious memory, which in turn, slows down your phone. Uninstall any app you don’t use or ones you don’t think you will use that often, you can even disable the bloatware apps (apps that come preinstalled) Go to Settings > Apps, this is the easiest way to uninstall or disable any apps which will help speed up your phone.

4. Download Lite versions of apps

speed up your phone lite

If you use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter a lot, you may be surprised to know that these retrospective apps have ‘Lite’ versions! Lite versions work in the exact same way as the parent app but without needing and using the same resources, this tends to help older/less powerful phones get the same experience but also to save a lot of memory! Downloading the Lite versions of the apps is a sure way of increasing performance and freeing all important memory.

5. Speed up animations

speed up your phone animations

This trick is more of a cool one, you can get access to your phones developer settings and speed up the animations. The transition animations are quite slow but snappy, on the developer’s options, you can make it quicker and make your phone feel lightning quick. If you go into Settings > About Phone > Tap Build Number seven times > Animation speed. Change it to 0.5 or 0.25 for optimal effect.

These are five quick tricks to speed up your phone, these should definitely improve your phones speed and performance. Do you know any more tricks? Comment them down below to help out fellow Android users!

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