Snap (Snapchat) has unveiled their new spectacles.

Snap has released it’s second pair of spectacles today, showing off a slimmer, lighter and more premium-feeling design.

snap specs 2.0

The sunglasses now enable you to take still photos through the glasses, unlike last year, they also feature waterproofing so you can use them in a swimming pool. This is a great improvement compared to the first model, it will contribute to getting amazing clips and photos on the beach or underwater. The charging case of the spectacles is also water-resistant, stopping the fear of bringing the case near water.

The new pair look near enough the same as the first model, they have got rid of the yellow rings at the front though. It is a lot thinner though, including the case, the case has had a major slimming down and will now be a lot easier to carry, this was one of the main bad points of the first model. You can now easily fit the glasses and the case in your bag without having to remove anything, the thinner design does make them feel more comfortable on the face too!

The new model also only records and takes photos at high definition, rather than a lower resolution.

The main talking point is the transferring speed, the worst issue with the 1st generation was the long wait when transferring videos to your phone. This has been improved, while still being a daunting process, it is 3 – 4 times quicker according to Snap, you have to connect to a private Wi-Fi connection fro the spectacles.

There are three colours you can now choose from, there is black, red and blue. The new colours look amazing, the red in particular is bold and really stands out, you can partner them with different lens shades as well, giving you a more personal touch to your glasses.

The good thing about the spectacles is how easy it makes capturing clips and photos for snapchat, all you have to do is press a little button on top of the glasses to start recording or to take a photo. This eliminates the need to get your phone out of your pocket and potentially miss a great shot/clip.

One main issue with the spectacles is the price, it has increased by £20.

Take a look at the official video here –