The Samsung Galaxy S9 may not be as far away as you think…

The rumours have already started for the Samsung Galaxy S9, we have rounded up most of the rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and give you our take on whether they could be true or false.

The Bezels are going to get smaller

Samsung Galaxy S9 case render

The first rumour is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature even less bezel than on the S8, this rumour is according to a tip that SamMobile received. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ already features a highly impressive 84% screen-to-body ratio but rumours suggest that the S9 will increase that ratio to 90%! This may not seem like much when you read it but it could result in a top or bottom bezel being completely wiped off and the opposite bezel being considerably smaller. The Samsung Galaxy S8+’s bezels are already very small so the prospect of the Samsung Galaxy S9 featuring even less bezel is quite exciting. The case render above is apparently what the device could end up looking like, a non-existent ‘chin’ and a smaller top bezel. This rumour is believable but it is not a fact so take it with a pinch of salt, renders are also not 100% correct.

There won’t be massive changes from the Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S9 render

This rumour was first brought to light by the very reliable twitter leakster – Evan Blass. He claims that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be a ‘tock’ iteration meaning that it will be more of a refinement rather than anything radical (Apple Style) there will be next to no redesign changes and all changes will probably be component changes. He also shared an article that he wrote for Techmeme reiterating his point, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will reportedly come with the same screen sizes and the fingerprint sensor will be moved to underneath the camera. As you can see with the image above, this is what the device is rumoured to look like, showing that it does look an awful lot like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Evan Blass is highly reliable so we can believe this rumour but take the image above with a pinch of salt as the design cannot be fully confirmed yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have better features than the S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is tipped to have better features than the S9. The S8 and S8+ are near enough identical except for the size difference and battery size difference, this will be different for the next iteration. The S9+ will reportedly follow in the Note 8 footsteps and take on 6GB of RAM (compared to the S9’s 4GB) and will feature the dual camera off of the Note 8. Again, this information is sourced from Evan Blass’s Venture Beat article. This rumour is highly believable due to the fact that the S8 and S8+ were not really different but offering more on the + version will likely boost sales.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 could be debuted at CES 2018 in January

The Galaxy line is one of the first major flagships we see each year anyway but according to this rumour, Samsung will show off the new devices at CES. The S9 range won’t officially launch until March but will be previewed at CES, this will probably mean that there won’t be any official specs or pricing. This rumour is believable but should be taken with a pinch of salt as it has not been confirmed.

The Headphone Jack will remain

Samsung Galaxy S9 headphone jack

One of the most anticipated parts of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the headphone jack, will they remove it and follow suit or will they stick to their guns? According to the rumours, the S9 will, in fact, keep the Headphone Jack! With the image of the leaked case render at the top of the page, you can see that it does feature a headphone jack on that render and the earlier source from Venture Beat also touts that it will keep the headphone jack. Hopefully, this rumour is true as a lot of consumers still use and love wired headphones through a dedicated port instead of using a dongle.

These are the most credible and near enough all rumours going around about the Samsung Galaxy S9 at this time, we will update this post with any new rumours.