New videos tease the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus’s new features.

Samsung released three new videos which tease the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 on their YouTube channel. The videos depict short but powerful videos showing off the new features that are coming to the new device. Each video only last 15 seconds, but they get the message across.

The first video shows videos of fast-paced action, and there is a roller-coaster, skateboarder, boxer and many more. At the end there is a wing-pilot flying in super slow motion while retaining very high quality, suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and will have an excellent super slow motion feature, capable of recording in high quality. I guess that this new feature is capable of recording 1000fps in slow motion; this was leaked not long ago and could make its way to the new phone.


The next video features videos in low light conditions; it starts with two people jogging under the lampposts at night and features stunning video clips of landscaping in low light. The clips show a high capability of recording and taking photos in low light conditions. It ends with the central message, and the scene shows a deer looking at the camera in harsh low light, the ‘9’ logo pops up until it completely brightens up around its face giving us a more precise look at the deer and its surroundings. This is teasing the new cameras low light capability; it could also be teasing the variable lens on the new device. The variable lens will allow you to switch aperture settings, going from f/2.4 to f/1.5.


The third and final video teaser features a happy looking gentleman in a variety of different situations and settings, showing a wide range of facial expressions. Towards the end, it shows the man celebrating his birthday, the camera then zooms in towards his face, the ‘9’ logo appears over his face and turns it into a cartoon/animated face. This is maybe teasing Samsung’s new Animoji competitor, which has been rumoured but is not 100%.

While none of the features can be 100% confirmed, Samsung is trying to tease these new features and does give us a clear message with every video. Don’t get too excited until they are officially confirmed though. They could just be teasers to throw you off other new features.

These videos give us an insight into the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 cameras, and they look excellent, it would be great to see these new features added on to the device.

We will know everything on February the 25th at Mobile World Congress; this is when they are unveiling the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, and we can’t wait!

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