One of the most asked questions we get – Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 still a good phone?

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was first released, it was praised for being innovative and packing features that many others didn’t. It was also highly praised for its performance as it was one of (if not) the best performers of its year of release.

Would this phone still be good in 2018 though? Yes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold

The main positive of picking up a Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely the price, we sell the Galaxy S5 for as little as £116.99! This is a very smart price for what device you are getting, it depends on how desperate you are for the latest features and tech.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is where Samsung is known for changing its camera game into the best onto the market. The Galaxy S5 was improved drastically to give clear, strong and faster pictures, even to this day, some of the photos you can take look rather good for a phone of this age! It also features one of Samsungs infamous AMOLED screens. At FullHD, this screen is phenomenal even in this market today, every detail is pin sharp while giving you a very bright and vivid display. All while not draining the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Black

If you’re looking to pick up a cheap bargain that looks fantastic, then this phone isn’t for you. The design is questionable at best but the battery is removable so you can pick up a new battery and have the performance boost that comes with it. The Galaxy S5 does also feature waterproofing (IP67) so not having a metal chassis (plastic) does not seem so bad, no more dropping it down the toilet and breaking it…

There is a fingerprint sensor on board the Samsung Galaxy S5, which sits embedded into the home button onto the front of the device. It’s not as quick as devices that came out in 2017 (obviously) but it still is fingerprint reading at a low price point, which makes it easier and safer to unlock. There is also a heart rate monitor built into the back of the device just under the camera, this makes S Health even better to use. You can monitor your steps, heart rates at different levels and it even features a calorie counter.

To conclude, we believe that yes the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still a good phone and great for the price you would be picking it up at. If you’re looking for a brilliant looking phone or one rammed with the latest features then this isn’t for you. However, if you love removable batteries, fingerprint scanners, waterproofing and decent camera work then this phone is perfect for you at a budget price.

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