The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been officially unveiled.

Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at its unveiled event last night. On the back of a disappointing performance of the Galaxy S9 series, there’s higher hope that the Galaxy Note 9 will do better in the market. The Galaxy Note 9 has all the best specs on the market, making it the ultimate powerhouse. The S Pen has been improved, the screen is bigger and DeX is built into it this time.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be available on August the 24th, it comes with two different storage options; you can go with the 128GB & 6GB RAM model (£899) or the 512GB & 8GB RAM model (£1,099). It also comes in three colours; Midnight Black, Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple. 

The first thing you will notice about the Galaxy Note 9 is that it looks near enough identical to the Galaxy Note 8, the only major design difference is the fingerprint sensor being moved to under the camera. It still has fast wireless charging, water resistance, expandable storage and the earphone jack. The amazing part about the 512GB version is that you can double the storage with an SD card getting it to 1TB of storage; you wouldn’t be running out of memory easily!

Galaxy note 9 blue and yellow

The screen size has gotten bigger albeit being only 0.1 inches bigger and still features Samsung’s best-in-class AMOLED displays, giving you the best display on a phone right now. The phone is actually a tiny bit smaller though; this is due to the reduction of top and bottom bezels, giving you a bigger screen in a smaller factor. It does still feel like a giant in your hand though, which is what the Note is known for.

The biggest hardware changes to the Galaxy Note 9 is the inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ cameras, you get two 12-megapixel cameras and the same dual-aperture (f/1.5 or f/2.4) and the inclusion of a massive 4000mAh battery. That’s a massive increase from last year’s 3300mAh battery, giving you a lot more battery life and a whole day’s usage without needing to charge. It’s great that this has been addressed as that was the main issue with last year’s model.

Galaxy Note 9 Purple

The camera has got improvements, mainly through software and on AI. Samsung has introduced a new feature called “Scene Optimizer”; it can analyze what kind of scene you are aiming at and make changes to make your photos look better. It also tells you if a photo you have taken is blurry, if someone blinked or if an image was too blown out. These features are great for people who want to get better at mobile photography, without having to learn all of the more advanced settings.

I have a major concern regarding the AI Scene Optimizer mode; a lot of other manufacturers (including LG) have tried to implement their own version of this. It has been really disappointing so far, hopefully, Samsung can buck the trend. We will have to wait and see…

Galaxy Note 9 black

The Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen has been vastly improved from last year’s version, adding Bluetooth low energy capabilities to give it a whole range of features. The most popular feature has been that you can use the S Pens button as a remote camera shutter, allowing you to take photos without a timer. It can also be your presentation clicker and can control music playback features (play/pause). If you hold down the S Pen button, it summons the camera app (by default), it can be changed though.

Samsung has built a ‘supercapacitor’ into the Galaxy Note 9 for it to be able to super charge the S Pen. Allowing it charge rapidly, this will stop the concerns of the S Pen running out battery.  

The last real talking point of the Galaxy Note 9 is the new DeX capabilities. You no longer need the dock in order to use the DeX software; this is because Samsung have built it directly into the phone. All you have to do now is connect your phone to an external display, using a HDMI adapter and you will have a full PC like experience. 

You can use the Note as a trackpad or as a virtual trackpad if you need to, this is done by swiping down on the display while it is connected. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 looks to be a small but good upgrade from the Note 8, giving you a bigger screen, bigger battery and better multitasking functions. Is it worth the £899 price tag though, it looks as if it is a great mobile phone, one of the best on the market even. We will let you know when we get our full review done.