The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 yesterday was great, the event was awesome.

If you’ve missed it, we will talk about everything we learned about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Size, Shape and Weight 

Size matters when it comes to the Galaxy Note 8, it’s always been the biggest phone Samsung make. It needs to be big due to its S Pen, allowing you to draw or jot anything down with ease. It is 9mm taller than the Note 7 which is quite a lot in phone terms but it is also 0.7mm wider than the Note 7, with all this size increase it still has a massive infinity display that is 6.3 inches. The dimensions are, 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6mm. The shape is also different than the S8 & S8+ and you can really see and feel how different the shape is, the curves are definitely sharper than the S8’s. It gives it a less fashionable/fun look compared to the S8’s but that doesn’t mean that it is not gorgeous to look at. It weighs 195 grams making it the heaviest Note there has ever been. Funnily enough, it does weigh 22 grams more than the S8+ despite having a smaller battery size (3,300 mAh) but this could be due to the dual camera set up and the S Pen.

Dual Camera Galaxy Note 8 camera image

The Galaxy Note 8 sports a dual camera which is a first for Samsung phones. The design of the dual camera, however, is not the greatest, they have used a black section to try and make it look less busy but it looks busier on the none black versions of the phone. There is a lot in that little section on the back including the cameras, the flash, heart rate sensor and the finger print scanner. Samsung has moved the fingerprint scanner more to the side, putting the flash and heart rate sensor in between the camera and the fingerprint scanner, stopping more smudges on the camera. The cameras are both 12 megapixels with one being telephoto (2x optical zoom), the wide camera has a f/1.7 aperture while the telephoto has a f/2.4 aperture, meaning low light photos will look great. Samsung has also added new features for the camera including background blur which blurs out the background of your pictures, this means your new extra wide pictures can look great with the background blurred out, you can also blur after the photo has been taken which is great for camera enthusiasts. The most meaningful fact is that Samsung claims it is the first dual camera with Image Stabilisation which is a great feat, they even showed a demonstration of it in action against an iPhone 7 plus and the results were outstanding.

S Pen stardom Galaxy Note 8 S Pen image

The S Pen that comes with the Note 8 is just as important as the phone to most users, it doesn’t disappoint. It boasts over 4,000 levels of sensitivity with a more flexible tip and the right weight, it feels great to use. While Samsung claims it’s like writing a book it still does not feel this way but it feels better than ever before. There are some new features that come with the S Pen including a translate option, this is where you can hover the pen over foreign sentences and it will translate it into English which is a phenomenal feature. You can also draw and animate little GIFs with ease and send them to your friends which are great for the younger audience. The Pen Up app is the most valuable part of the S Pen, this is where artists put their drawings with the S Pen up into their own community which is great for artists and really does convince you to try it yourself. There is also the new lock screen notes which do allow you to write notes without even turning the screen on! The stylus measures at 108mm long x 5.8 mm wide, just in case you wanted to know.

App Pair Galaxy Note 8 app pair image

App Pair is a new feature on the Note 8 edge feature, this is where it allows you to save two apps that you to multitask with a single tap. This is great when getting into your car for example as you can have Google Maps and your music on the same page with a single click. The screen also benefits this feature as 18:9 ratio allows two blocks which make it easier to navigate. This will make your phone even more productive and easy to use quickly when needed.

Other things I should know? 

There are other little features that people miss out including the AKG-tuned earphones that come as standard with the Note 8, we must say they are brilliant especially for free. Definitely a step up from the bog-standard earphones most manufacturers give with the handset. The battery is also 3300mAh which is a bit disappointing but I guess it may be due to the Note 7 fiasco, it worries us that the phone has 6GB of RAM and a very powerful Exynos 8895 chipset which will drain the battery quite a lot. Bixby also still has a dedicated button on the side, with the new added Bixby voice there may be some hope for it after all as the demo for it was outstanding.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the phone to beat, the features are the best in the world at the moment. The camera is also the best on a smartphone at the moment but just remember that the iPhone 8 is just around the corner so this could change. The S Pen is also a lot better and there are more features to compliment it. The Note 8 is a brilliant phone and the best on the planet right now.

There will be more to go over when the phone hits full release as our review can only be limited for now.

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