Samsung now has a new battery issue to deal with, it’s only fitting that it’s the Note.

There have been many reports (first reported by Android Authority) that people using their Samsung Galaxy Note 8s are having major issues with their batteries. They are complaining that the battery in their device will not recharge and is dead. This is not the first Samsung battery problem and comes as a huge blow.

The reports suggest that it has been happening after the battery level drops to 0% and fully drains/shuts down. The issue will not allow users to recharge their phone with the reports saying that they are just not charging, even the LED light is not showing when plugged in.

The forums on Samsungs site have been bombarded with posts from customers. Many claims say that they have used a variety of different cables and plugs so their chargers are not the issue and some have even left it to ‘charge’ all night with no success. The employees that are replying to the thread/s are mostly offering replacement devices and repair services.

This is not the best sign for Samsung after last years debacle with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issues. The Note 7 battery issues were much worse, it ended up with batteries exploding due to overheating. At least the issue is not dangerous this time, it is not known yet if the issue is caused by software issues or by hardware. Samsung will be hoping that if it is a hardware issue, then it is a minimal amount of devices.

Update: There have also been reports that the same issues are happening to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus devices too!

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