Thinking of starting running to lose some weight but cannot pick up the courage to do it? You’re not alone.

Looking at a Fitbit can make you wonder if you would use it effectively and start exercising but you may be having those doubts. Running is a great way of losing weight and improving your lifestyle, depending on what kind of run you do, it can be the pinnacle of losing weight. However, some people (including me at first) don’t dare to take up running in public.

People watching you run can feel like a daunting prospect, it may feel that if you struggle people will see that and judge you, even laugh at you. It’s even harder to join a runners group in the fear that you won’t be good enough compared to the rest of the group. Running can be an intimidating thing!

It’s understandable to be intimidated by other runners, and they have all the bells and whistles of running; high tech gear, fancy neon clothing and even better shoes, It shouldn’t bother you though, here’s why.

Buying a Fitbit is a great start to getting your running gear started, you can get one for as little as £30, and it measures your heart rate perfectly! All you need then is shoes you can run in and wireless earphones (trust me, they’re better than wired!) You can essentially get all the kit perfect for running for under £50!

Most people won’t notice you when you’re running, but if they do, it might not be the reaction you think. When you’re driving or travelling past a runner, do you think to yourself “wow, they look stupid”? Most likely, no. You think about how committed they are and how motivated they must be!

running fitbit app

Fitbit app

All of the hostility is in your mind, sure there may be one geezer who takes the mick once in a blue moon, but that will happen in any activity you do, after all, we are human, and we love to scrutinise! The majority of people coming past you thought won’t even notice you or are so wrapped up in their own life they don’t even think about you! If you have your wireless earphones in, you won’t even hear anything apart from your music, and you’ll be that concentrated you won’t notice.

Using a Fitbit can help you maximise and monitor your progress as your running continues. The Fitbit Alta monitors key performance indicators that you need including; Calorie tracking, steps and distance and sleep tracking.

The Fitbit app is also, in my opinion, the best health and fitness app you can get, especially when you’re using a Fitbit. You can set your own goals which will give you the motivation and aims to hit every day, and the Fitbit will remind you of your goals and help you achieve them.

Don’t let embarrassment get in the way of your desire to run or the goals you have set yourself, the hardest part of running or getting into any activity for that matter is to start. Weight loss and exercise starts with you.

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