Have you recently just got the Snapchat design update? If not you might want to give this a read…

The new update from Snapchat has not gone down all to well with loyal users. Its new radical redesign has made people angry because Snap has essentially moved and jumbled all of its key features around.

The page where you would originally view other peoples stories and your own has been removed, it has been replaced with a page full of the news/ad items. The swipe down on the camera screen to view your profile and settings has also been moved to the new personal snapchat page. The new personal snapchat page is now where you receive all your ‘snapchats’ (so far so normal) but it features everyone’s stories and your own stories/personal profile page. Yeah…

snapchat update

Not many are happy with this change as it seems very cramped and unorganised, though, the new discover page can be seen as a good thing. This gives the chance to see more content produced by brands, publications and professional content creators. However, if you’re really not a fan of the new update, there is a way to revert back to before the update!

Before attempting this, please note that if you have or do update the apps on iTunes, it will not allow you to complete this walkthrough.

Revert back to the older version with these steps;

  • Open iTunes on your computer, make sure you haven’t updated snapchat on iTunes
  • Delete the app off of your iPhone – Do this by holding down on the app and pressing the x button in edit mode
  • Come out of edit mode by pressing the home button or swiping up on the iPhone X
  • Plug your iPhone into your computer
  • Do not sync your device with iTunes
  • Click on the ‘Applications’ tab
  • Select ‘Apps’ on the iTunes sidebar
  • Find Snapchat on the iTunes apps list and Install it by clicking the option
  • Sync your iPhone

The version of Snapchat that is backed up to iTunes will reinstall on your iPhone, this should be the older version of the app.